Date: 1st March 2009 at 11:17am
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Another 0-0! It has to make you smile doesn`t it?

Here we are creating a Craven Cottage fortress at home but away from home we`re grinding out the old 0-0`s for fun!

In our pre-match poll where we ask you to predict the outcome of the next match, of you went for the 0-0 option almost implying that it`s the done thing now for our side away from home!

Not that I`m complaining, just visit any of the Arsenal sites to see how devastated that lot are an dhow they`re calling for the head of Arsene Wenger!

So how did the remainder of the vote go?

Well, 35% of you were a little too optimistic, suggesting Fulham would get that first Premier League away win of the season, 31% of you thought Arsenal would cruise it with the remaining 11% opting for a score draw, do these people not know – Arsenal just can`t score!


4 Replies to “0-0 – Almost Second Nature for Fulham!”

  • haha…nice article! its not good that even when we do throw caution to the wind (well more than normal anyway) we still can only grind out a 0-0. it is not good!!

  • the game could have gone either way,im glad we didnt get blown off the park,its good that we went to arsenal and left happier than them

  • AJ didn’t have his shooting boots on, otherwise we could’ve been up 1-0 inside the first 15 minutes. I was encouraged, though. Hopefully this will give Roy the confidence that we can play more aggressive away from home and still protect our goal. If we can pick up the full 6 points from Hull and Blackburn the next two Wednesdays, I think we’ll see a different Fulham for the rest of the season.

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