Opinion: Things going from bad to worse for one key Fulham man on international duty


Now I’m really starting to get worried.

Because if he can’t find the back of the net when seemingly the rest of his teammates can, then something is looking and feeling rather weird. Serbia defeated Russia last night in the final round of matches in the UEFA Nations League, a hefty scoreline of 5-0, but despite playing all 90 minutes, the biggest impact that Fulham’s Aleksandar Mitrovic could muster up on the game was a solitary yellow card.

What’s worse, is that he only managed to get away one shot on target. Now given that the rest of his team was on great form, you’d think that someone as important to the team as him (and their top scorer) should be able to find the back of the net.

I spoke a couple of days ago about how concerned I was with how bad Mitrovic’s form was and how things could be going south badly for him, bringing his poor club form into his national team, and then if things didn’t pick up, doing the same thing in reverse. Given the goals he’s got for us in the past, it’s easy to make the claim that our success and failure this season will rely solely on him. If he’s not firing, then we probably won’t be.

Is Aleksandar Mitrovic our most important player?



This brings home the point I was making earlier this week even more so, we desperately need to bring someone in to give us another option for when and if Mitrovic isn’t firing on all cylinders, that way we can still hopefully get some goals even when our main source of them isn’t on top form, and we can have a slim chance of being able to get something out of this season.

What about you? Are you concerned with Mitrovic’s form? And do you think the club need to do something about it?

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