Date: 15th March 2009 at 8:17am
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Maybe you can’t tell but I am a little happy that we won today.

Make that we won AWAY today!

But I wrote an article the other day saying never boo our team.

I was listening to the end of the match on the Fulham website and when the final whistle came I don’t believe I heard a single boo.

Actually I did, but that was from the terrible fans of Bolton.

The other day I also said out fans are not like any others. And were not, we cheer and sing for our team when we go 1-0 down.

Unlike the crap down the road. I believe they boo their team and fire managers. But you have to realise after the season we have had not everything goes out way.

Every team has a small glitch in their season.

This will install much confidence also.

Who think about getting that magical 40 points next Saturday against a team who lost at home today?

Zamora 90th minute winner?


7 Replies to “How things can change!”

  • as positive as i may now be, i dont think we will beat man u. after that defeat to liverpool they are going to be all out for victories in all of their games, especially ours, to pick up the confidence and morale.

  • I agree. We’re not likely to beat United. I think our strategy should be to try to hold them, or at least minimize the carnage. Keep in mind also, our following match is against Liverpool. I give us more of a chance against Liverpool than United, but we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of back-to-back home defeats.

  • I think it is possible to get something out of Liverpool perhaps, they always seem to slip up against teams below them, especially when they need a result most!! 😀

  • Very true about Liverpool. If Middlesbrough can beat them, then we can certainly beat them, as well. I just didn’t want to say it. I’m trying to stick with the ‘pessimism’ thing.

  • ha. well all i’ll ask for is two well played games… i don’t want to watch another 4-0 clinic session, that’s for sure.

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