Date: 14th June 2010 at 4:43pm
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Hidden away, lurking in the ‘what if` category, was a tasty little rumour relating to Bobby Zamora.

The rumour suggested that in the event of Roy Hodgson being lured away from Craven Cottage by Liverpool, or indeed England, then Glasgow Celtic would try to take Bobby to Parkhead.

Stifling several fits of the giggles, we can`t help thinking someone is living in cloud cuckoo land here!

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19 Replies to “Fulham – Zamora to Celtic?”

  • Absolutely so. Zamora is a decent player but never in a million years good enough for Celtic. He plays for one of the “other” teams in the EPL. Outside of the top four there are only “other” teams who frankly, are nothing teams. the EPL consists of four teams. the remainder make the numbers up. The SPL has two, the remainder make the numbers up there too. The EPl has twice the teams the SPL has, so the percentage is the same. Given that Celtic and ramgers are on the same level as the top four in England, this means Zamora is not in the picture with Celtic. So to answer your question, yes, someone is living on cloud cukoo here! You.

  • Weetim67, you’re obviously havin’ a laugh. Celtic and Rangers on the same level as the England big-four… that’s funny! I mean, really, that’s good stuff!

  • weetim67, you should either do stand up or lay of the crack lol, lets be honest here the SPL is probably on par with the championship, if Rangers and Celtic joined the prem they would never see European football again lol.

  • Celtic just about the best club in Glassgo to appoint a manager who could not even keep west brom in the prem same old maneger go round perform crap get a bumper pay off then another club pay them more millons should be put up for parlerment

  • Lol Leonestar. “We nearly won something, now go away”. Wonderful piece of thinking that settles that then.

  • and to be honest fulham could run away with the spl as could most english teams except maybe our bottom three

  • Think we’ve touched a nerve with the scots here lads. The SPL is full of EPL rejects. Celtic and Rangers can not be put on the same level as the top 8 teams in the EPL. Rangers and Celtic proved that the SPL is ***** by trying to get into the EPL. They want real competition, not Sunday football. Happy with that Larhcer and weetim 67?

  • @truth sayer ffc and anyone else that seems to think that most EPL teams would run away with the SPL. You seem to be overlooking the fact that your team and others can only afford to pay the wages of your current squad because of the league that you play in. If you were removed from that league or the rules were changed and actually played in a league where you had to raise your own capital rather than be handed a check for £30m just for taking part you would find yourself in a completely different boat. That is why my friends, Fulham and 80% of the teams in the EPL would not run away with the SPL. Thank your lucky stars that your in a league that advertisers and sponsors are throwing money at and not stuck, like my team Celtic, in a league where every penny is a prisoner. If Platini gets his way (2014?) we could see a complete reversal in fortunes between your team and mine. So, as I said thank your lucky stars.

  • Larcher, you seem to be forgetting the very unfair percentage of TV money that goes to rangers and celtic compared to all the other SPL teams, so if you want a level playing field maybe you should be talking to your club and saying split the TV money between all the SPL clubs not just two.

  • Proving our point that the SPL is worthless their Larcher. We don’t need to thank our ‘lucky stars’ that were in this league. It isn’t easy to be in this league, unlike the way it is to play in the SPL. Now you go off now and don’t worry your little head about it.

  • @ oldwolf- I agree with you that both celtic and rangers get an unfair amount when it comes to tv money. There is no doubt that the money should be put in a pot and distributed equally. This however wouldn’t make much of a difference in Scotland because the tv money is so low. The bulk of both celtic and rangers income comes from season ticket sales and merchandising, and that is what gives them their main advantage.
    @Riverside Chanter- the point that i made in my first post was simple. How would Fulham fair in the SPL? I then pointed out the simple reason why so many of the EPL teams would fail, again simple due to lack of finance. Everyone whose ever watched a ball fall out of the sky can see the difference in quality in both leagues, there is simply no comparison. I don’t think for one minute that it is easy being in your league, I see year after year teams spending way outwith what they can afford just to survive, because everyone wants to play at the top, perfectly understandable. I’m glad that you grasped the jist of my last post, however, I wouldn’t have described it as “worthless”, penniless may well be a better description. Again I would say be thankfull of where you play.

  • To bring this back to the original point, Zamora is easily good enough for Celtic. I think even Larcher himself has gone out of his way to prove that players in the EPL are of a better quality because, as you say, we have more funding to welcome them. To claim that Rangers and Celtic are equivalent to our top 4 is slightly far-fetched, weetim, but the argument concerning finances is a good one. At the end of the day, a player of Bobby’s quality would do your club wonders, and it’s silly to claim that he wouldn’t.

  • I personally would have him in a minute, in my book anyone who can score 19 goals in the EPL can score 30 in the SPL. I never at any time said he wasn’t good enough that was someone else. I came into the discussion after a couple of other posts and simply asked how Fulham would fare in the SPL, thought it would be an intersting debate, maybe not. Anyway I better “run along,” as I was told. Good luck to you guys in the new season.

  • Thank you. As a Roman Catholic with a soft spot for Celtic, I wish you equal luck with your new gaffer too, Larcher.

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