Date: 8th April 2009 at 4:38pm
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So, next in my series is our current 1st-choice left back, the one and only, Paul Konchesky.

There are mixed opinions on the former West Ham player, with some saying he is a liability, and others see him as quite a reliable left back, capable of doing what his expected of him, even with a momentary lapse of concentration now and then.

Joining in the summer of 2007, I think it s fair to say, the bald headed left back failed to make an immediate impact, but carried out his role with the minimum of fuss. And that seems his role in the team today, doing his job well, but hardly setting the world alight. But, surely, there is nothing wrong with that?

Well there is in this case. Konchesky is a good left back, don’t get me wrong, but does anyone get the feeling his ‘mistakes’ are going to cost us a goal or to in the future. As far as left backs go, there aren’t many ‘amazing’ ones, and for that reason, Mr. Konchesky is acceptable, but he could do with eradicating the little fumbles he makes now and then, which would make him a good standard player, and well worth keeping.

Gladly, it seems he is sewing up all the little holes in his game, and is proving quite a good left back. Well worth a stay at the Thames in my eyes.

Opinions please…


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  • Very honest assessment, KB. I, myself, am not a big fan of Konchesky. Admittedly, left back is a tough position to fill, but I think he’s a lazy defender and certainly guilty of the odd loss of concentration. He loses his mark too often for my taste.

  • Well that’s the rub, isn’t it. If the table holds steady, there’s Jose Enrique from Newcastle. Sebastien Bassong is a naturally left-footed player, but he’s better at CB. From Middlesbrough, there’s Emanuel Pogatetz and Andrew Taylor. Given my choice, I’d replace Konchesky with Taylor and Aaron Hughes with Bassong.

  • Hmmm, I’d consider that, but Hughesy is a good player. Bit of an unsung hero I think…

  • I’d keep Hughes in the squad, but as cover. I can’t help but remember him getting worked-over by Jason Scotland in both Swansea matches.

  • i’d agree with this article’s assessment… he’s an upgrade from franc quedrue, but he still has lapses and if my memory serves me, is responsible for a few goals this season…

  • I reckon his calamity marking lets him down sometimes, but in the fall I actually thought he was one of the better performers (Except for that “magical” visit to Hull)! This spring hasn’t been one of his best periods though. But I think he is doing a decent job none the less:)

  • Agreed. Until there’s another option, he’s our left back for better or worse, and as long as the team’s successful I can live with it.

  • That is exactly right. Until there is a major problem in an area, there is no need to improve!

  • every defender costs their team vital points. vidic for man utd is just an example. but he is still recoginised as a great defender.

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