Date: 8th April 2009 at 4:37pm
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The Daily Mirror seem to have created up a story with very little factual basis today claiming that Arsenal’s Champion’s League opponents, Spanish side Villrareal are interested in signing Bobby Zamora. Such is this utter codswallope they cannot even place a price on his head.

Whilst I wanted my first written contribution to be something a little more focused upon my 22 years as a Fulham fan I have jumped up to inform and comment upon this twaddle.

Whilst Villrereal have climbed the leagues like Fulham, nestle in a beautiful part of the world like Fulham, are a little club in a vast league playing attractive football the differences end there.

You see whilst Villareal have achieved Champions League football, they also have players a class above a few of ours. I could not see Bobby getting a game there if he did not score. English fans love players for their epic work rate and whilst I understand that booing a player who misses a few easy chances seems logical, if Bobby had worst defenders to face he would score more.

So, what am I trying to say…well he could set the place on fire. That place is likely to be Craven Cottage though, because the Mirror seem to offer no reason, proof or facts to back up this story, so don’t worry about it.


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  • To be honest, I wouldn’t worry if he was going. If we are to press fro Europe, goals are vital!!

  • He’s done well in the ‘Heskey’ role and his work rate is top notch. Still, I’d like someone who scores more. I’d like to see him stay in the squad, but as a sub. If that occurs, I’m afraid Nevland’s days are numbered. They may be numbered anyway.

  • I have always been a fan of Zamora’s work rate, don’t get me wrong. It’s just when he got that goal, I thought he was finally going to start hitting the target, and you can only give a guy so many chances….

  • Here’s an idea. How ’bout a straight swap – Zamora for Marcos Senna. Did you guys see the pile-driver he scored against Arsenal last night? What a strike!

  • as Roy keeps saying, forward play is not just about goals it’s about hard work and Bobby certainly does his bit!

  • That’s true, but there are also times where he lacks that. For such an aerial dominant player, he does an half fall over a lot when going for the ball!

  • What could we get for the Johnson/Nevland package? Maybe a store credit from the Villareal gift shop.

  • here’s the thing, while i wouldn’t be crying if he left as he does leave the goal tally a bit light, i think it would be hard to replace him. when’s the last time we had a forward with a large goal tally? also, he works well with aj. if he goes, we DEFINITELY need to replace him. is altidore playing for villareal? maybe we could take a chance on another american forward…

  • Altidore got in some games early in the season with Villareal; even scored. He’s not out on loan at some 2nd division outfit, but he can’t even get a game. A shame really, considering his recent hat trick. He’s young. There still time for him to find his spot. I think maybe the Eddie Johnson episode may have tainted the perception of american forwards. I think he’s got bags of potential, though.

  • yeah sam, realistically i don’t think jozi could walk into craven cottage and be a direct replacement for bobby… just a thought… i guess altidore would moreso be an answer for the “what could we get back for nevland and johnson” question…

  • Altidore is a good player! I agree not necessarily the best youngster around, but he has bundles of potential in him!

  • Glad someone brought up Altidore, I couldn’t construct a well thought out comment about him but wanted to bring it up!

  • Altidore wont make it big time, just like Freddy Adu the fuss is all made by americans and what they know about football…. well i leave that for you. The players from america that do make it are ones with work rate like dempsey, bocanegra, mcbride and even friedel but the likes of adu, johnson, and landon donovan have had life all to easy! I would like to know what people are basing there criticsm of Nevland on hes barely had a chance and correct me if im wrong he hasnt started 2 games in a row. Oh and Eddie Johnson just scored for Cardiff …..

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