Date: 1st May 2009 at 4:15pm
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Dickson Etuhu is the next player up to face my strong and heart-felt opinions in my series of articles; Leaving only 2 more left to complete.

One of a string of controversial signings this Summer, most of which proving to be rather influential and key to out un-doubted success this season. Dickson, as well as the likes of John Pantsil and Mark Schwarzer, have proved to be fantastic buys, or signings in Schwarzer’s case.

However, it was not plain sailing for our Nigerian central midfielder, with Jimmy Bulllard holding him off the spot with good all round displays.

That was until January came around though! With Bullard being shipped off on a boat of 50k a week, Dickson was called up to take on full responsibility of working with Danny in the middle.

And, it must be said, that is a role he has played in to a very high standard, pulling off consistently good performances, despite the little blip at the start. It was that blip though, that got the critics ranting and raving, and many a Fulham fan calling for him to be dropped from the starting 11.

I don’t know if it just a knack Roy has, but he has well and truly turned around Etuhu’s career, within a blink of an eye. Etuhu was average at best for Sunderland, failed to impress at City, and I think it’s fair to say he let us down a few times. However, that has not stopped Roy picking him, and Etuhu has gone on to prove he really is a good midfielder, one I am proud to have as a member of our team. To add to that, he does have a wicked long shot when it comes to it!


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  • Can’t complain (anymore). He’s improved as the season has rolled on. However, I’d be surprised if he was a starter next season.

  • He’s doing a great job and a lot of people are underestimating the job he is doing. Glad he is succeeding and the midfield is a lot stronger now than when Bullard was there.

  • he’s a bull in the center of the field, and i like that a lot… he won me over with his play.

  • Must admit i was one of the haters at first, but he really has turned things around. I initially thought we were doomed when JB left and Etuhu was the only replacement, but i can honestly say that i have no regrets whatsoever. Etuhus play compliments Murphy and allows him to get into positions whereby he can release some of the forward players, whereas Bullys free roaming role left Murphy just in front of the back 4. Good on ya Dickson, keep up the good work!

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