Date: 1st May 2009 at 4:16pm
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I come home from school, not feeling well still, turn on the TV, see the sports headlines, hear the words of a fool talking about our dressing rooms.

Alex Ferguson, seems unhappy with our dressing rooms and is calling for Premier League regulations on the size of dressing rooms.

‘With all the money in the Premier League, some grounds should be better.’

‘There should be a minimum standard of size of dressing room, especially now you have more players on your bench and an increased staff.”

‘You have requirements for stadiums to be eligible for certain divisions, so the quality of the dressing room should be part of that.”

‘Everton’s are so narrow it is unbelievable. Portsmouth’s away dressing room is not great and the one at Craven Cottage is smaller than my office.”

‘It is a very traditional stadium and one of my favourite away grounds, but when you have 18 players stripping down, plus coaches, physios and kit men, it is ridiculous really.’

Now this has really ground my gears because he has a team worth so much money, probably worth over £200 million and is almost saying he lost because of the size of our dressing rooms. He has been here in the past and has never complained.

Here is some advice Fergie, do what every other team has done over the past 8 years and…



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  • they must not be able to fit their travelling masseuse and massage table in the dressing room, not to mention ronaldo’s hair stylist…

  • Seeing as it is a listed building, I dont see how he expects it to become bigger. What an idiot, should do his research first!

  • by the way if you want to see the size of the dressing rooms type into youtube ‘craven cottage chris kamara’ there is some video from wen we moved back home of chris kamara in the dressing rooms

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