Date: 16th March 2009 at 10:25am
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Roy Hodgson has this unique knack of deflating you!

After our splendid win up at the Reebok I was hoping that we`d keep things ticking over by really having a go against Manchester United.

I don`t give a flying-fig about our result affecting the title race I just want to see three more points on our total.

But, after the Bolton game, Roy seems a little wary of our chances of beating United, espeically after those two heavy defeats, remarking,

‘I can’t stand here and say at the moment that our team is on a par with Manchester United because everyone knows it isn’t but we’ll give it our best shot.”

‘We’ll work very hard, but the Liverpool`s and the Chelsea`s who are chasing Manchester United can’t really expect that much of Fulham and think we’ll beat Manchester United for them.”

‘Those teams chasing must be realistic.”

‘The lead is still four points and Manchester United have a game in hand, which could stretch the lead to seven points, and seven points is a massive gap. I think everyone will realise the chance is slim.’

Stuff the rest Roy, do it for ourselves!


5 Replies to “Fulham – Roy Wary of United?”

  • I do find it intriguing that we might be a factor in the title race. However, I think it’s far more likely that we’ll help out ManU by getting points from Liverpool, rather than helping Liverpool and Chelsea by getting points from United. But, who knows.

  • I can’t see why Roy sometimes uses the ‘they are better than us’ technique. I don’t know how that would increase our chances of winning……all it would do is give an excuse for our defeat…..which is just pessimistic when the match hasn’t kicked off yet!!

  • What Roy says for the papers and what he says on the training ground are are, I suspect, two different things. This is a clever ploy to lull the opposition into a false sense of security 😉

  • I just think Roy is being honest. Man Utd are in a different class, and they’ve murdered us this season (and many previous seasons apart from that legendary time in Old Trafford) its nice to hope we’ll do alright against Man Utd but lets be honest!

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