Date: 16th March 2009 at 8:41am
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At the moment we`re swaying somewhere between survival and European football.

Never, since following Fulham Football Club, have our aspirations been over such a wide scale.

One minute we`re losing sleep about facing the likes of QPR next season and the next we`re planning a visit to Europe to see our side.

All very strange!

But our club captain, Danny Murphy, has offered some words of wisdom on the subject remarking,

“We`ve not talked about Europe because we don`t want to get ahead of ourselves. Let`s not forget we only stayed up on the last day of last season.”

“Top half would be great. But if I`m being brutally honest, any finish that`s more comfortable than last year represents progress.”

To my mind, that last line sums it up perfectly doesn`t it!


7 Replies to “Fulham – Murphy`s Common Sense!”

  • Perfect sense! I think beyond staying out of the relegation battle, our only ambition might be to achieve an 8th place finish, as that would represent our highest ever finish in the Prem (if I’m not mistaken).

  • you aren’t mistaken sam, that would be great, and then roy would get recognised as one of the better managers of our history, and fully deserved in my eyes! 😀

  • like i’ve said before. i’m coming to the uk to watch the everton match on the last day of the season, and as long as i’m not sweating out avoiding relegation, i’ll be happy. sam’s got it spot on though. we should be aiming to progress better than we ever have with an 8th place finish.

  • First of all, you will surive and the Hammers dropping points the other night means that 7th spot is wide open.

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