Date: 5th March 2009 at 4:35pm
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Losing a game in injury time can be an emotional affair.

Passions are running high and, often, incidents occur that mean absolutely nothing when analysed in the cold light of day.

This morning we`re opening the tabloid pages to find that John Pantsil is extremely upset by something muttered in his direction by a Hull player.

It transpires that John was so upset he complained to the referee that he had been abused.

Speaking after the game, Roy Hodgson had this to say,

“The referee told me John complained about being abused by somebody.”

“If the matter turns out to be something quite extraordinary which John feels we as a football club need to do something about, we`ll consider it.”

Personally, I hope that it all dies down.

Whilst we`re not condoning such behaviour we, here at Vital Fulham, of the opinion it should be dealt with privately and not splashed all over the back pages of the tabloids!


6 Replies to “Fulham – Panstil Abused?”

  • can’t say i heard anything personally, but i am in full defence of pantsil here!! of course!! 😀

  • i think roy but it best, since john doesn’t get riled often, something must have happened… hopefully we handle it with class though.

  • its hard to say really when ya dont know what was said exactly,,personally i dont really understand,words dont really upset me,,it wouldnt stop me sayin somthing back though,stand up for urself and ur mates and then just get on with it,draggin it on is no good for anyone,,a useless distraction,,sticks and stones,,but thats just me

  • hull scum ey? as you say i don’t want a big fuss out of it but i hope paintsil gets justice!

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