Date: 2nd March 2009 at 4:31pm
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Interestingly, the day after we published an article telling of how our giant Norwegian defender lost little sleep during the transfer window when it came to the suggestion of a move, it appears the vultures are once again preparing to swoop.

The latest suggestion is that Manchester City and Liverpool are said to be preparing bids in the region of £7 million for Hangeland, a figure so high that Fulham would, apparently, be unable to resist.

If there is any truth in the rumour they may well be right, especially if we relate the case to the January departure of Jimmy Bullard or was that just a contract issue?

The future looks, how they might say, interesting!


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  • i dont think mo would accept a bid of only 2 mil more than that flop that was bullard!! i dont think he will neccessarily stay, as much as i want him too, but we will get a very good price if he does go… and roy arent stupid!! :D:

  • Liverpool may have a limit, but I think you could get just about anything you wanted from Man City. As I said before, if Bridge is worth 10m, then Brede has to be worth more.

  • Actually, maybe we ask Man City for 5m and have them throw in Daniel Sturridge and Michael Johnson. They’re after instant glory, so I think they’re going to try and assemble the Brazilian national team in the summer, so they may have a number of good young players that are not part of their plans.

  • not a bad idea, but stability and a good defensive framework has been key to our good form this season, i don’t think replacing one of the best centre backs around for a striker and a midfielder would really be the best option. it would leave a hole that cannot be filled with only 5 mil. that is just my opinion though!!

  • Good point. If Man City is trully interested, that means that Richard Dunne or Micah Richards is out of favor. Dunne almost left last summer, so he might be an option. Additionally, I don’t expect Blackburn to go down, but if they do, then Christopher Samba would be a possible replacement. I think he’s a good player. Still, the perfect solution is just to keep Brede!

  • good ideas. wouldn’t mind seeing that, but overall i would just want brede to stay!! 😀

  • He’s worth at least 18m if Bridge is worth 11m. Brede appears to be the consummate professional with a stable family life etc. Richards, Sturridge and Johnson are party-boy bling merchants. London and those guys wouldn’t be a good idea……plus they’re all on bumper contracts and don’t really deserve them. I thought we’d got rid of the Knight/Rosenior/John/Davis mob? If he goes anywhere it’ll be to Chelski. Terry’s been found out whilst Carvalho’s not been playing- they need another centre half who can get the ball down and play. Liverpool are stacked in that position, so are United and Wenger’s got no cash……..Other than that he can only go abroad.

  • after the jimmy greedy bull**** saga i thought loyalty to ur club was a thing of the past,now with murph’s signing a new 1 year contract,,remember they are the same age and murph’s doesnt have dodgy knees im glad to be wrong,i hope hangeland takes note and follows in murph’s footsteps and stays,if we are good enough for murph’s we are good enough for anyone,hengeland seems like a stable decent type of bloke i gotta good feeling he will stay,leaving the club doesnt mean greener pastures,,just ask jimmy,,haha

  • i don’t want richard dunne in return for hangeland… that would be a lopsided deal, not in our favor. i would take sambra, he seems like a hard worker and is pretty strong in the back. i would ultimately just like to keep brede, and he seems interested in staying, as opposed to bullard, who every other week bemoaned the lack of contract talks… looks like we’re in for another sleepless transfer window…

  • Hangeland is just superb, he has a good relationship with RH from what we can tell and hopefully he will stay. If we do sell him we need to replace him and how much money is that going to cost? We haven’t exactly been banging in the goals left, right and centre.. the reason we’re doing so well this season is our defence and our organisation. Hangeland is a huge part of why we are doing so well and we may as well give him player of the season already! I really really hope he stays.

  • Hangeland is one of the best center backs we have had at the club for ages and has said more than once that he is commited to us so thats all good news !

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