Date: 2nd March 2009 at 4:30pm
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It`s been a strange week!

We`ve got through to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and another resilient performance on the road has seen us cement our position in the top half of the table.

Elsewhere, those who, last season, attained to seek UEFA Cup glory found themselves desperately back-pedalling and fielding weakened sides as so-called fixture congestion hit.

Aston Villa travelled to Moscow without many regulars, much to the disappointment of their travelling support whilst Harry Redknapp juggled his side ahead of the UEFA and Carling Cup fixtures and ended up with sod-all in the way of victories and glory.

In fact, emphasising what a strange week it has been, our only qualifiers still in the UEFA Cup are Manchester City who, incidentally, only qualified through the ‘Fair Play` league, a place which several of us still are unable to fathom out how we lost out to City on the final day of the season, conspiracy theories abound still!

Nevertheless, the UEFA Cup charade produced a great comment from Roy Hodgson this weekend with Gentleman Roy remarking,

“We dream of Europe but when teams get there they complain about fixture pile-ups.”

“If Manchester City, Tottenham and Aston Villa, with all their resources, are struggling to cope with the UEFA Cup demands then God only knows how we would get on.”

An interesting point but this supporter wouldn`t half mind finding out how we`d get on!


9 Replies to “Fulham – UEFA Cup Troubles?”

  • same here, i don’t think it would necessarily be that good for us, but i would love every minute of it!!

  • Double-edged sword. League form pays the bills, but UEFA Cup could mean glory, a little more money (not much, though) and recognition that could help us land better players. I hear all the time about Villa’s squad being small, but compared to ours, it’s huge. I hope for Europe, but I don’t know what we’d do if we got it.

  • No way…..the squad couldn’t handle it. This season’s all about consolidation and let’s see what happens with the summer additions. More importantly, we need to keep hold of Brede Moore.

  • the only good that would come out in playin in it would b that it gives the guys that dont play in the 1st team much some game time

  • Hey wat yous on about wen uefa cup comes tat lures better players to clubs. AND gd news so far we are top of fair play table from march 1st!!!!!

  • Guhh i get really fed up with all this Fixture congestion talk!! these footballers are supposed to be top athlets in peak physical condition, So why are they strugaling to play two games a week? and it’s not like it’s all the time just for a couple of weeks at a time.

  • i think the flights all over the continent don’t help with their recovery time from games… flying can be exhausting, but then i don’t get paid very well to do it when i’m doing it. i can remember playing multiple games in a day, but i guess i was a bit younger then… we would definitely need to expand the roster in the summer if we made it into europe. aston villa’s table position doesn’t seem to be slumping due to their european travels…

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