Date: 21st August 2009 at 3:58pm
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It seems to be almost every day now that we compile something about the ongoing Jonathan Greening saga!

Chased all summer by Roy Hodgson it appears that Greening will now be joining Fulham, although the circumstances in which he is doing so are being reported differently by the morning tabloids.

The Sun carries an article that implies that the West Bromwich Albion man will be joining us on a season long loan with the deal becoming a permanent one next summer whilst the Daily Mirror has a different slant on the deal implying that Greening will sign for us in a £4.5 million deal.

Either way: let`s just get him in that white shirt of ours and gauge what he can bring to our side shall we!

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12 Replies to “Fulham – Greening Saga Update!”

  • i think it’s a loan, and i’ll be happier that way… 4.5 mil seems expensive, but i hope he impresses…

  • about time we are takeing players from other clubs and not the other way round horay or ho roy

  • Hi lads,WBA fan here.Just to let you know Greenings transfer is permanent not a loan in the true sense of the word.
    Our chairman Jeremy Peace is well known for these type of tranfers.Fulham will pay the fee at the end of the season whatever it is.
    We currently have Paul Robinson at Bolton on the same deal.
    Last season we transfered Curtis Davies to Villa on loan for the season and then £9M.
    3 seasons ago he did the same with Geoff Horsfields transfer to Sheff United.
    You are wondering why it is done like this? It’s a legal tax loophole which means WBA pay less tax on the deal with the co-operation of the buying club.
    You will not hear a bad word from Baggies supporters about Jonno.
    Good luck to him in his last big payday.

  • To be honest mate,his type of football is more geared to the Prem than the hustle and bustle of the championship.He vary rarely gives a ball away and usually knocks a ball sideways to a teammate thus slowing the game down than getting it forward quickly which is required in the championship.
    You’ve got a very good player there mate.

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