Date: 21st August 2009 at 3:57pm
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Last season there`s no denying that we were incredibly lucky when it came to injuries.

The fact that we had so few enabled Roy Hodgson to field a settled starting eleven week after week. Therefore, I guess there was always a chance that this season could be different.

But, with Andrew Johnson the first to receive a serious injury, with only a single Premier League fixture played, I`ve got my fingers crossed that we don`t get anymore for at least a few months.

Having said that though, it still galls me when I think about how the injury came about, the clinic manner in which a body-check was used to take out a player was something I thought had been eradicated from the game.

After the game, in his post match interview, the normally calm and placid Roy Hodgson had his say on the matter, remarking,

“A good win has been marred by an unbelievably blatant challenge on Andrew Johnson.”

“It`s very disappointing that, when referees are supposed to be clamping down on challenges like that, this fella has only got a yellow card for putting a player out for eight weeks.”

“There`s no doubt he should have been sent off. He`s put Andy in hospital and, of course, I am very angry about that.”

“We don`t know yet if he will need an operation. All I do know is that he is going to be out for a very long time.”

Although the win stands us in relatively good stead with regards to progressing to the all-important group stages of the competition, there`s no doubting the Andrew Johnson injury has left a sour taste in many a mouth!

Let`s all hope Andy can make a speedy recovery.

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13 Replies to “Fulham – Johnson Incident Leaves a Nasty Taste!”

  • A dislocated shoulder might be 8 weeks if he was playing rugby – but he should be fine to play football in about 3 or 4.

  • most recent press release says 3 weeks to training, 5 weeks till he’s on the pitch… i’m comfortable with nevland starting in his stead, but i’d like to see who roy has in mind to bring in on a transfer… uche maybe? will that drive a striker’s price up now that teams now we’re one short for 5 weeks…

  • nevland should have his chance or dempsey may be that guy that took out aj should get a months ban

  • I must say, this is far from good news. Not looking forward to the next month or so. We’ll miss his work rate, no doubt!

  • your right KB but maybe after his rest he can come back sharper then ever i dont think roy would rest him otherwise and its going to be a long season and yes i am trying to look on the the bright side

  • Hopefully this time around Erik can be as prolific in the starting line up as he is when he comes off the bench!

  • We started last season without him and we did ok, we have sufficient backup with nevland kamara and Eddie, Clint can also player up front and duff can take his place we’ll be ok

  • Its not the end of the world, as we do have options, and many of which are legitimate. I think you have to go with Erik to start, see how that works, then you can talk about your Dempseys and your Kamaras

  • Certainly isn’t the end of the world. But we have no Johnson replicas, which could be a problem. All of our other strikers are completely different players if you ask me. The guy that would come closest is Eddie, and he couldn’t cut it at Cardiff!

  • i don’t like pulling dempsey out of his midfield role… what happens with aj comes back, disrupt a settled midfield? nevland can do the business, and maybe we’ll have one more player come in before the 31st…

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