Date: 21st March 2018 at 1:03pm
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Yet another international break is upon us, the last of the season thankfully, before we hit the home straight of the 2017 / 2018 season.

The latest break comes with Fulham Football Club having put together a 16-game unbeaten run, in the Championship.

The win has lifted the club to third place in the table with aspirations of not just achieving a play-off place in the promotion shake-up but, quite possibly, take one of the two automatic promotion places on offer, thereby negating the need to participate in the tense play-off finals, a stage at which our promotion hopes died last season.

But, with the international break upon us, you have to ask whether it is, as the title of this article suggests, a rude interruption of a welcomed break?

There are two sides to the argument.

There`s the one that suggests that the break could affect the momentum the side have gathered during the unbeaten run and that we also run the risk of key members of our squad, most notably Tom Cairney and Kevin McDonald, returning with injuries from their spells on the international scene.

However, there`s the other side of the argument whereby the suggestion is that after such an epic club-record run a rest will give everybody the chance to freshen up, re-focus and then make the necessary charge that will see Fulham Football Club regain their status as a Premier League club.

Which of the two camps do you sit in?

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