Date: 25th July 2007 at 4:51pm
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After watching our lost against Pompey this morning it hit me that hardly anything positive was said about Fulham by the pundits!

Apart from the pre game build up where one on the guys (not sure who!!) said he believes we can be playing in Europe next season only negative jabs at Fulham`s performance.

The commentators continued to say Fulham were the lesser of the too side’s and at the point where it was still 0-0 and we were putting buckets of pressure on Pompey the commentators blurts out

‘I believe that Pompey will definitely finish above Fulham.”

They also touched on the story Vital posted earlier about Kamara saying he turned down a return to Pompey in favour of coming to us saying,

‘If this story was true and he did have the opportunity to join either Pompey or Fulham are we really meant to believe he would choose Fulham?’

He then continues to list all the pros concerning Pompey`s plans and them spending money which could of oh so simply be referred to Fulham too!

The thing is this isn`t an isolated case!! It happens through out the league season

So why do we get slated so much by the “professionals”?

Your ideas please!!


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  • You may recall the world was against us until we manged the great escape, as a pompey fan who went to both games against fulham last season i dont think there is an issue with fans or the club per se, but i think most pundits were frequently amazed at the thoughts and pronouncements of your old manager whome one fulham fan called chairman chris. he was so frequently spitefully out of touch people got frustrated with it. As for kamara, he is an ex pompey player whome we sold to scumpton so i dont think the story is true in any case. I think we are both in for dissapointing seasons but both fulham and pompey will be in the premiership at the end of it.

  • The media maffia have their pets and pet hates…..unfortunately if your club isn’t Arsenal, Man u, Liverpool, West Ham, Charlton, Everton or Tottenham then you fall in to the latter category, most of the press support these clubs….!

  • Did a 5 year old write this article?

    Regardless. Fulham were in a relegation battle last year, Portsmouth nearly got into Europe. Fulham have strengthened but then so have Portsmouth. I think any neutral would say that Portsmouth are the more attractive proposition right now.

  • as for disliking you, i admire you. you got back to Craven Cottage and you’ve made a real go of things – as we say at SB, feck em’all!

  • Not according to that numpty poll to the right here. We love winning those. Regardless of the topic. 🙂 Keep em coming.

  • well, from your own point of view, fulham will play fantastic football. from my point fo view, portsmouth do. I even met a bolton fan who said they played attractive football?!?!?!? of course i will say that i would expect pompey to finish above you, but that could just be mere hope. what is for certain, is that we beat you ha ha ha ha…sorry just had to say 🙂

  • There’s not much to excite ‘the professionals’ about Fulham these days is there?

    Why not turn it round and slate Lawrie Sanchez, much more fun.

  • hey to all the chelsea fans..why dont you just buy another player for wat? 30 million?

  • Although we are contradicting ourselvees with our hate poll on the right and now the article saying why dislike us, give the man a chance, second article only and I remember when I started I had a few dodgy articles.

  • As was said above, Paul Walsh was commentating, but don’t feel as if your on your own with the press not liking you, most of the ‘comics’ out there show us no favours either. If you notice Harry now refuses to talk on Match of The Day as Lawrenson and co never have a good word to say about Pompey. Also the England so called Manager still can’t be bothered to recognise that we have the best English keeper playing for us and arguably an answer to our left wing problems in Matty Taylor.

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