Date: 9th April 2009 at 4:47pm
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I’m back Vital Fulham! No thanks to AOL messing up my internet!

On my last day of school before I broke up for Easter holidays in school, a mate of mine asked me a question that I think many of us have been asked.

“Why are you a Fulham fan?”

Now, as I’m a Fulham fan through thick and thin, and I am the only Fulham fan in my school, people ask me there is teams like Arsenal, Spurs, the s**t down the road but why did you choose Fulham?

I will tell you why I am a Fulham fan in my next article but I want to know why are you a Fulham fan and what made you choose Fulham?

Your junior Vital Fulham member,



9 Replies to “Why are you a Fulham fan?”

  • My Dad is a Fulham fan. Every football fan in my family is a Fulham fan. I am Putney through and through, despite the fact I currently live in Fareham 🙂

  • yeah im pretty much the same,everyone in my family is a fulham fan,they lived in fulham before moving to australia

  • I started following Fulham when McBride signed; casual at first. Then, I just decided they were my club. I liked the small club vibe. And, I didn’t want to do the bandwagon thing and just pick one of the big four like so many others do. Allegiance to a club should be based on more than silverware.

  • well said sam,there is alot of that bandwagon jumping goin on,thats what i like bout fulham,we got real fans

  • Multiple reasons. I guess first and foremost was the whole Team America thing. McBride and Boca, but at that time my interest was kind of fleeting. Check every once in a while to see how they did. As I started to learn more about the game in the UK, I loved that they were a “small” team in a big pond. Kind of reminds me of the teams I follow in Buffalo. Small teams not always in the spotlight. Then Dempsey, who was/is my favorite player, signed and I was completely sold. Kasey Keller (even E. Johnson to a point) just added to it all. And now I wish I had the money so I could come see a game… /end ramble

  • Well basically the same as many others family comes from Hammersmith and everybody in the family supports them didnt really get a choice! Its one of them un-written rules in life a! I remember my 1st game i went to at the cottage i was the mascot and we played Brentford think it was 1986 i was 4 of 5 i think!

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