Date: 26th July 2007 at 4:46pm
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It had to be done, I just couldn`t resist it. I just had to know if you shared my feelings or was I simply alone in my own little paranoid world?

Therefore, posting the poll – Which London Premiership Club Do You Dislike the Most?” just had to be done.

Since the unfortunate demise, from top flight football, of Charlton Athletic and Crystal Palace, the top flight only contains, apart from us, four other London teams – Chelsea, West Ham United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Mercifully, you proved that I`m not in my own insular world; a massive majority of you also have a strong dislike for our neighbours in the poorer, dilapidated parts of the borough – Chelsea.

Don`t listen to your older brothers, fathers and even grandparents who’ll tell you about the days they used to frequent Stamford Bridge one Saturday and Craven Cottage the next, times have moved on. There is now an intense rivalry between us.

Anyone who witnessed the remarkable scenes when they were routed 1-0 at Craven Cottage in 2005-2006 will vouch for that. Mass hysteria! The festive break last season also saw us put a dent in their title ambitions when we snatched a fully deserved draw, it was marvellous.

So what is it about Chelsea we dislike?

Their wealth, their arrogance, their supporters, you tell me before I commit slander.

For the record, the results finished as shown below,

Chelsea – 48%

Arsenal – 17%

Spurs – 15%

West Ham – 20%

All disliked but not on the scale of Chelsea. I sense peace of mind at last!


12 Replies to “We Don`t Like Chelsea!”

  • Aw, what did we ever do to you?! I’m rather fond of our little brother down the road!!!

  • Looking forward to your visit on 29th September when we can return the compliment. Expect a cheery welcome from the Shed End!!!

  • Oh bless, we don’t hate you down at the Bridge. We like to think of you as our poorer cousins. A little annoying at times, but largely harmless.

  • ?There is now an intense rivalry between us? Errr?.. No there isn?t. An intense rivalry requires both teams to dislike/compete with each other. You register about the same as Wigan on our ?rivals? landscape.

  • Foolham hate us. Gosh what a surprise!!! Normally I approach London derbies with a little bit of apprehension but not the ones against Fulham. Traipsing through the park to their quaint little shed of a ground fills me no fear whatsoever. You only have to see how thery reacted a couple of seasons agao when they beat us the way their fans were reacting you would have thought they had beaten Brazil. Storming onto their own pitch, rushing down the away end inviting Chels fans to come and have a go. Really really sad. It puts Fulham fans on th4e same level as QP ha ha ha fans who have this strange dislike for us as well.

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