Date: 22nd September 2006 at 4:23pm
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What do you really think?

Has Coleman done all he can for Fulham or has he got it in him to ever win anything?.

Is the Chairman and or the Board to blame?.

How much longer can this go on?.

Do we need a huge cash injection and do we need the board to sell for this to happen?.

Loads of scenarios!

Tell us what you think…..


4 Replies to “Time for Coleman to leave Fulham?”

  • I personally think that Coleman is not the problem, the board need to create a war chest of serious money for Coleman to buy some seriously quality players, (if they will come!!) This will always be the problem, the Tottenhams and the West hams have moved up when fulham have stood still for far too long, I can remember when Fulham where up there with the Tottenhams and Chelseas and were just as big a club….they are now stale and something has to be done.

  • I am not saying ditch him!
    I am asking the fans what their opinion is…read the article!
    Everything is open for discussion.

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