Date: 30th March 2016 at 6:21pm
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This weekend, make no doubt about it, the game against MK Dons is a must win game.

Nothing less than a win will ease those relegation fears that are affecting every Fulham supporter.

MK Dons are one of the few teams below us, losing isn`t something we should even contemplate but such is our woeful form at the moment I wouldn`t bet anything on the outcome of our fixtures.

We`ve been plagued with inconsistency and errors that have, ultimately, cost us dearly.

But as the fixture against the MK Dons fast approaches, our on-loan defender Michael Madl has spoken out about a defence that has conceded, so far this season, a colossal sixty-four goals.

Madl, as we`ve mentioned above, wants to see the side working on cutting out errors and in an interview with Radio London he`s quoted as having remarked,

‘It’s maybe because of concentration, not quality.

‘If we change these small details and are a bit more concentrated then I think we will get out of there.

“It’s difficult to explain. We have a good team and some good defenders, but we make easy mistakes.

‘Sometimes we’ve played a very good 45 minutes and in the second half, especially in the last few games, it was not that good.

‘We’ve had many penalties given against us and maybe the small details we don’t do well, and it has cost us many points.

‘We score many goals, but we concede too many. Just the small details we have to do better and, if we do that, we can win more games. We still have a good team and we still believe in us.’

Madl my friend, this weekend is the opportunity to turn words into point, make sure it happens.