Date: 7th February 2019 at 4:52pm
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Earlier this week, as we began to look ahead to what is an intriguing clash with Manchester United, at Craven Cottage, we put together an article whereby we gave three pointers which could result in a shock result.

Our article Click Here, was well received, however, it did prompt a regular contributor to the site, to provide a comment that made alternative suggestions and caused me to break out into a smile.

In fact, it gave me the inspiration to relax and come up with three alternative steps we could take to ensure we get a result against an in-form, table-climbing Manchester United side this Saturday lunchtime.

1 – Would it be too much to hope that the Manchester United side have a gastronomical meltdown, similar to that which Tottenham Hotspur suffered when they lost to West Ham United in an end of season fixture? Perhaps, it would be too much to hope that the chef responsible for the dish that laid so many of the Tottenham squad low, has moved to the very hotel Manchester United might be staying in on Friday evening!

2 – We all know how stifling the London traffic can be. Sitting in traffic jams is an everyday hazard of life in the capital. It is also something that Manchester United are aware of and have suffered from before. On two occasions, Manchester United have been late arriving for fixtures in London. If my memory serves me correctly, they turned up late for a game at White Hart Lane and also at Upton Park. Would it be too much to hope for the odd protest to hold the team coach up or perhaps we could, devilishly, rearrange a few road signs to send them down the wrong route and claim the three points by default!

3 – We could sabotage the kit, steal the containers it is in and leave Manchester United no alternative other than to wear that hideous grey kit they wore on occasion at the Dell. At half time, they were being soundly beaten by Southampton and emerged for the second half in a completely different kit with Sir Alex Ferguson inferring that the original kit blended in with the crowd and his side couldn’t pick their team-mates out with passes.

Just three ideas, can anyone think of any more?

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