Date: 30th November 2012 at 8:27am
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Well Clint has come out days before returning to Fulham with Spurs saying why he left us…

‘If you always felt valued and appreciated enough, I don’t think you’d ever leave,’

‘But it came to a point for me where I didn’t feel valued and appreciated, not by the fans, but by other situations. That’s just the way things went.’

It surprises me as I thought that everybody at the club totally supported him and hence he survived under so many managers, with our current manager building the team around him and Dembele!

He then goes on to contradict himself I feel with this comment,

‘The fans were great to me, the chairman was great to me and it got to the point where I wanted to keep going and try to further my career.’

So everything was okay but you just wanted more….yes that we know. It was the I want Champions League statement in summer 2011 was it not!

Oh well, I`m confused can anyone clarify this position, is he correct?


4 Replies to “The real reason…”

  • I think what he means is we wouldn?t massage his ego and give him some stupidly inflated wage rise so he would stay and to be honest I?m glad we didn?t, no one player is bigger than the club COYW!!!!!

  • nice one jol and thank you for clarifying what we all suspected….I believe, like sean davis, clint will regret this move…..especially if it was for the money, as he aint a champs league player

  • mind you he did get us a few goles last year and with last yers players and berbertov we coyuld be flying high now

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