Date: 27th July 2018 at 2:33pm
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Here at Vital Fulham, we were hoping that, by now, a deal to secure the services of Aleksandar Mitrovic, on a permanent basis, would have been completed.

But it clearly hasn’t.

Somewhat perplexed we decided we’d scour the internet for some kind of explanation.

Well, it seems our good friends at Sky Sports, are of the opinion that the two clubs involved, Newcastle and Fulham, are at odds over the transfer fee for the Serbian striker.

Seemingly, Fulham are only wishing to pay a transfer fee in the region of £16 million for the player whilst Newcastle want £2 million more.

Now, to us, it seems that we’re in danger of losing out on a player who had so much to do with turning last season around from an average one to a promotion winning one.

Surely, if the difference is as little as £2 million, somebody should step up to the ante and authorise the fee.

The new season is just a mere two weeks away, if Fulham seriously want Mitrovic to lead the attack this coming season then time is fast running out.

Here at Vital Fulham, we’d like to hear your views on the above subject matter.

Should Fulham bite-the-bullet and pay-out the fee Newcastle United want or should we stick to our guns?

Please feel free to drop your views into the comments facility beneath this article.


53 Replies to “The Great Fulham Mitrovic Puzzle Is Unveiled”

  • There were rumours last year when on loan that the transfer fee was going to be £20m when he scored and had a good game in the world cup there were rumours price would go up to £30m . There are also rumours Wolves are interest.

    I would suggest put up or shut up. Mitro isnt everyones cup of tea, but he has passion is young scores goals and can still improve and have sell on value.

    Not fair to keep him waiting. He deserves better than this as he helped Fulham to get to premier league.

    • Well put Barry! I also do not believe that FFC will be able to get a forward of Mitrovic’s talent and who fits their system anywhere near 18m. Even though Ashley is a greedy SB, just pay the 18m and be done. Except for some defensive players I think we are more than set to do battle in the PL.

  • Of course Fulham should sign Mitrovic! After all, he was primarily responsible for Fulham achieving promotion to the Premier League with all the goals he scored, thus earning the club all the Sky Sports TV money, so if the sticking point is a mere £2m, this is chicken feed compared to how much Mitrovic has helped the club to earn! What’s more, he clearly wants to move to Fulham!!

    Get your hands out of your pockets Mr Khan!!

  • Mitro is a must have, pay the money, to Fulham he is worth his weight in gold, a pivotal part of SJ’s jigsaw

  • Its probably how the deal is made up . Add on agreements. Sell on agreement fee. It would be obvious to say meet halfway on price but it will not be Blue Sky thinking like that, more complex. I think the deal will get over the line by next Friday. If it does not it will probably never happen.

  • Rumour was that Newcastle had increased their asking price – £25M mooted. If this is the case, the riddle isn’t as straightforward as stated!
    We’ll have to see what enfolds, even if it means ‘grasping the nettle’ and recruiting a different CF.
    Real shame but ….

  • Wolves have now come into the picture for Mitro…This is what you get Mr Kahn when you sit on your hands.

  • Like most other Fulham fans , the one signing we’ve been waiting for is Mitrovic . Come on Fulham sign him.

  • Give them the 2 million and get Mitrovic to Fulham.

    He wants to be at Fulham, has a good relationship with Slavisa and is passionate about joining the club.

    And he will get away from Ashley who couldn’t run a toy shop in my opinion!!!!

  • Does anybody know if Mitro is England or has he travelled to Spain with nufc first team? I hope we sign him during the weekend.

  • Can’t imagine we’d haggle over £2m given the cash we’ve received for promotion. I’d imagine we negotiated a fee when we initially took him on loan last year but given how he performed for us Newcastle have likely upped the figure now we’ve come in for him on a permanent bases. The club probably want to stick to their guns and not let Newcastle blackmail us just because they can see we need a striker.

  • Did I hear we’d be £187,000,000 better off we go up and stay up one season. We’d never have got up without Mitro and we won’t stay up without him! Two million is a pittance in comparison. PAY UP NOW!

    • We need to spend alittle we don’t need a nightmare like we had after the Europa cup ,we need to push on.
      The club need to invest now, building for the future and secure what we have now .

  • In today’s footballing money, £2m is nothing and Mitrovic is well worth £20m. Remember, Steve Marlet cost £11m many years ago, which is about £80m in today’s money. Sign that cheque Fulham! Get Mitro back!

  • I remember when he was being interviewed after the play off success, his enthusiasm got the better of him and he ran off mid interview to celebrate with the rest of the team – that’s what we need.
    He wants to be at Fulham, we want him at Fulham and he deserves better
    Shame on you Fulham – sort it and quick please

  • Go find another for your £ 16 million, you would not have got promotion with out the goals and passion of Mitro, after Newcastle loaned him to you turn around and insult us by dropping the agreed price, we might as well keep him and stuff Fulham

    • Hold on if he hadn’t come to fulham newcastle would have had to pay his wages for him sitting on the bench.
      As the manager made it quiet clear he didn’t want him nor could he handle him.
      So yes he came to fulham and it was a win win for all.
      And yes I feel we should get him as I’m sure he will do the biz

    • Why would you keep him? Rafa doesn’t want him and devalued him greatly. You have Joselu and Gayle who he considers to be better options. Yes if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have earned promotion. But only by playing with us and succeeding, instead of going to Anderlecht, is the only reason he is worth as much as he is.

  • IF FFC want Mitrovic pay the money because they can afford it. Stop this game with NUFC. If there is a changd of plan . Tell us fans we are the ones that bought all the season tickets . Also we want Mitrovic to come to ffc .GET A MOVE ON. If you dont unfortunately there will be a lot of bad feeling. Its not a way to start a new season.

  • On one hand what’s another 2 million compared to what the club need to spend in the top flight.
    Just 3 points to think about :
    Mitrovic didn’t score goals in the premier for Newcastle.
    He only scored one goal in the world cup.
    However, Mitrovic scored a lot of goals in championship.

  • Can we really afford to sit and watch this one slip through our fingers? How much did we fork out for the other bloke, for us to argue over a couple of million?

    • The club are very shrewd in the transfer market and know what they are doing .

      If they don’t sign him then they will only walk away if they have a deal in the bag for someone else .

      Give it a few more days .

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