Date: 3rd August 2018 at 5:30pm
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Experience has proven, over the years, that you can gauge just how good a signing you’ve made by the reactions coming from the supporters of the club the player has just left.

Nowadays, of course, getting those reactions is so much easier with the plethora of social media network sites available to us.

Looking at our latest signing, the central defender Alfie Mawson, it would appear from the reaction of the Swansea City support that Fulham have picked up a real diamond of a player.

Here are selection of tweets we stumbled upon;

But, there are some out there who are of the opinion that Mawson is using Fulham as a stepping stone:

Surely not, once he realises Fulham are an ambitious club with plans he’ll, like us, become hooked on the place.

But, naturally, there are some who just can’t accept that he’s moved on for career reasons:




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  • Still learning his trade ,,,good luck hope it all works out ,,if not allways come back ,,,once a JACK allways a JACK

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