Date: 3rd August 2019 at 9:56am
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Over the last two days, media speculation, as you’d expect with the closure of the summer transfer window almost upon us, has intensified when it comes to the future of Ryan Sessegnon.

It would appear if the mainstream media have their facts right, Ryan is bound for Tottenham Hotspur.

One source, The Express, is running with the suggestion that Tottenham are confident of signing the 21-year-old but are looking to offload Danny Rose first.

Another source, The Daily Mail, are reporting that a deal to sign Ryan is close with a figure of £30 million being mentioned.

But, with the transfer window closure drawing closer by the day, could Fulham be left in a situation whereby they don’t have enough time to source a replacement for the talented teenager?

If that is the case then my co-writer, on Vital Fulham, has the perfect solution, with Brian Gower remarking about the situation:

“It seems so simple to be true. If Tottenham really want young Fulham star Ryan Sessegon, then here’s the solution.

Tottenham give Fulham Danny Rose and their winger Georges Kevin N’Koudou in exchange for Ryan Sessegnon.

Spurs get their man. Fulham get a quality replacement AND another winger.

Both teams get a win, win outcome and no transfer fees involved.

Is that not a fair deal for both sides?”

What are your thoughts on the above?

Please feel free to drop your viewpoint into the comment facility beneath this input.

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10 Replies to “Simple Solution For Sessegnon Deal From Fulham To Tottenham To Go Ahead”

  • Wake up and think you numpty..Danny Rose to Fulham ????????..One of the best left backs in the league…even at 29 he has at least 3 good years to offer a top side..

    • A typical Tottenham reply. If Rose is one of the best left backs in the league, who’s the numpty for getting rid of him? Specially to replace him with a youngster who clearly is NOT a defender. He is more a striker, and Spurs seem to have enough of those. Fulham would do very well if the deal went through.

    • I think Fulham need the money to buy a centre back but I would also buy everyone midfielder As well basic would be awesome chema also so I think spurs should just hurry up with it also I think Fulham should try and sign another goalkeeper but that is all Fulham need I worry Fulham won’t have time but our defence is leggy and old maybe le marchand will have a good season but it is central defence not left back we need and rose will go abroad

  • Sessegnon one of the most over rated players great in the championship too lightweight for the premiership

  • No disrespect to Fulham but I don’t think Danny Rose would be prepared to move to the championship. Nice try ???? ????

  • Fulham have a choice, they can take what they can get now or let Ryan walk for a lot less (maybe as little as £500k) at the end of the season. Since they are the ones who have dragged out negotiations in the hope of getting more than the player is worth I have no sympathy if they end up with a problem. The idea they could get a player of Rose’s class is frankly delusional.

  • If Spurs wish to challenge and push on this season and next etc then we need to strengthen our position not weaken it.
    Quite simply we keep all the top quality players we have like Rose, Eriksen etc ( with may be the odd sale of fringe players ) . We then purchase Sessegnon, Lo Celso and/or Fernandes. Yes loads of money but if we want to be treated seriously then these are the calibre of players we need to add to the squad. These along with some of the younger ones already coming through will set us up nicely for the new season and beyond. Will give the squad the much needed depth it needs.

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