Date: 19th October 2019 at 7:54pm
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Following a boring two weeks since watching any football league action, I tuned in to see Cardiff City play Sheff. Wed on Friday evening.

Being a Fulham fan, I wasn’t particularly bothered which team won, with a point each probably the best result for our club.

Sheffield Wednesday had far the best of the game in the first half and deserved to go in at half time ahead. Within ten minutes of the second half however, the experience of Neil Warnock showed with Cardiff coming more into the game and started to create a few openings. As the clock was running down, the home side looked the most likely to score next. This they did but should it have counted?

With just three minutes left of the 90, Cardiff were awarded a free kick by referee Keith Stroud, which looked like it should have gone the other way. Up stepped substitute Tomlin to take it. While he was preparing for the kick, Cardiff centre back Aiden Flint, all 6ft 5″ of him stood yards offside in direct line of the Wednesday goalkeeper Dawson, while doing star jumps. Tomlin hit a sweet bending shot into the keepers far right corner of the net, which sent the home fans and players ecstatic.

Wednesday keeper rushed towards the linesman (who had a perfectly clear vision of the scenario) to demonstrate. The linesman was not interested in his objections and you could see him put his thumbs up to the referee to allow the goal to stand.

I have never witnessed such an appalling joint decision by a referee and his linesman to such a clear offside decision.

Surely this referee and linesman should be at least suspended for a few weeks, and the Football League should award the points to Sheffield Wednesday, as they were 1-0 ahead with no further goals scored.

Wednesday manager Gary Monk should be praised for his calm nature at the end of the game, by accepting the decision. I wonder whether he will think the same however, should his side miss out on promotion or a play-off position by the odd point or two come the season end?

What do you think?

Should the ref and linesman be suspended, or should the Football League and F.A. look at the ridiculous offside rules, that allow players to stand in an offside position as long as they do not touch the ball or interfere with play?

I remember the legendary Brian Clough once saying,

“If a player is not interfering with play he should not be on the pitch”.

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  • “If a player is not interfering with play he should not be on the pitch”.that was bill shankly mate.

  • As a wednesday fan i would like to thank you on your opinion of this diabolical decision yet again by our officials however theres no point in commenting on any matter as far as what refs do millions watched this on tv yet no-one from the FA will have anything to do with it its about time we had a total clearout of the FA and put people in who have the bottle to do something about these really bad examples of officials we have on display these days I would like to thank the FA for me losing my love and interest of this what was once a beautiful game

  • Roger,

    Shankly said something very similar, but I actually remember Cloughie on TV quoting those words. › quotes › by-brian-clough

    I was looking for comments regarding the decision by the officials, not debating who said what first!

    • Paul your a complete tit he was interfering with play full stop that’s why he was jumping up and down , star jumping he wasn’t doing that to keep warm .

  • Russell,

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments.

    Only this evening I found an article from 2017 where referee Keith Stroud was banned from officiating at matches for 28 days where he made a terrible mistake in a game involving Newcastle and Burton Albion.
    That error did not change the outcome of the result like the one at Cardiff on Friday.

  • Nothing will happen, it never does. No matter how poor the officials are the Referees Association always backs them. They will never come out and say someone had a bad game. The current version of off side is even more contraversial than before. VAR was supposed to help but in 2 games yesterday there were clear and obvious errors that VAR allowed and it still takes far too long to make such poor decisions

  • We’re you all saying the same following the Cardiff v Chelsea match last season. Or were you just laughing as it would help Fulham. That was blatant cheating by a ref and linesman to allow a goal to stand when the player whe scored was 2 yards offsi.offside
    Flint was not blocking the keepers view , yes he was jumping but the kick was left side and he was central. It could have been disallowed but it was never a certainty for that reason. People need to learn the rules

    • Flint was blocking the keepers view as he had to duck as the ball went over him, I hope the ref gives Wednesday the goal onTuesday when the opposition area looks like the national grid windmills when we get a free kick

    • How do you know Cheating Flint was not blocking Cameron view better than him I guess and for COLIN to say it is a planned tactic !!!! Get real

      • Sounds like a moan but we’ve had two or three refs this year on a par with this chump and I’m sick and tired of it ,the ref we had last home game was excellent, can’t remember his name, but there you go should be banned for 6 games not demoted why should anybody else have to put up with his total ineptitude!

      • What disappointing and badly informed comments on this particular incident. I suggest that you read and try to understand
        the Laws of the game and their suggested interpretations before advocating that referees be suspended !!.

    • I’m afraid you are wrong. Flint was in direct line between the ball and the goal keeper therefore he was indeed blocking his view.

  • The referee and linesman have to take a small portion of the blame ,but the lion share as to go to UAFA for interdusing a rule with so many grey areas,
    If it’s not broken don’t mend it,changing rule for the sake of it

  • The sad thing is we have become complacent about poor refereeing decisions. They have always happened, however recent years have shown a marked decrease in the standards of referees. The governing body will not accept this as it is a direct criticism of them. This is highlighted by the fact of lack of representation in major international tournaments. As for VAR, the system is not being used correctly at this stage and has compounded the problem.
    Honest answer I do not know the way forward, but it needs to start with more accountability as very little seems to happen , maybe the governing bodies should be open with the fans and enable them to listen to discussions with officials as happens in rugby

  • Officials decisions ain’t made easy when you have so called professional footballers doing their best to cheat the officials by making out they have been tackled. It’s time the players should be honest and play a game of football what they get paid for.

  • The Cardiff equaliser should have been ruled out, the player was clearly offside and definitely interfering with play – not only that but the free kick taker directed the free kick at his team mate deliberately and intentially, bending the ball once it bypassed the accomplice. He said FA should award the three points to Wednesday and in addition fine Cardiff City for bring the game of football into disrepute, and as well as deduct 10 points from the clubs end of season tally..

  • I don’t think some of the measures suggested here are stern enough. Wednesday should get the 3 points plus an extra 15 points which would be deducted from Cardiff’s total.

    Furthermore Flint should be made to star jump for the first 20 minutes of each game for the rest of the season.

    Oh, and their council should block all their roads. #uto
    I mean, #comeonyoucottagers ????

    • Thank you Fulham Supporters for your support, rivals though we may be. Not that this situation, inept “decision makers”, affects only Wednesday, it’s cost points, caused injuries, and ruined the Game for one and all, even Cardiff. Cardiff is probably embarrassed, and as shocked as everybody else…this will go down in History as the finest example of ineptitude in any trade, in this case it’s English Football, Tier 2.

  • This incident from the non foul to the arrogance of the poor officials was totally farcical , Aden Flint should have been booked in my opinion for ungentlemanly conduct and told by the refferree to move from the keepers eyeline , yes the officials should be suspended pending their excuses , however just like at Norwich last season i was in front of my T V pounding the carpet with my fists , screaming for Monk to put a man on each post , this happened again on friday night just like at Norwich , a tactical mistake by both Managers Bruce and Monk , but if the shoe had been on the other foot i wonder how that idiot Warnock would have reacted in the interview , Monk showed his class , if not his tactical awareness .

  • Thanks for publishing this. It’s disgusting that this ineptitude by officials can go on, it wouldn’t happen in any other profession. The F.A. will do sweet F.A. about it. Joke association.

    • old farts, too old to be interested in rocking the establishment boat.
      they may, or likely not discuss it on Monday when out for ‘a spot of lunch’ at ‘their club’.
      this lot should be on ‘last of the summer wine’ not running (or ruining) english football week in, week out.

  • Paul said “Flint was not blocking the keepers view , yes he was jumping but the kick was left side and he was central.”

    How can the keeper know where the ball is going when an offside player is blocking his view of the ball when it was struck?

    Clear offside, and such a glaring error that, yes, Stroud and his linesman should be demoted. But no, you can’t retrospectively change the result of the game, the draw should stand. If we start changing the result after the final whistle, that way madness lies.

    • Flint was in direct line of play and th fact that he was leaping up and down shows that he was purposely trying to obstruct the goalkeepers vision. This , on top of the fact that the free kick resulted from a no foul means that the ref(on high wages) should be banned . Without a doubt.

  • Yes, yes yes! Struck off and never allowed near a football stadium for life, The man is an absolute joke, and the FA and the Football League should be investigated for their absolute refusal for going anything about it. The standard of refereeing in this country is an absolute disgrace. I couldn’t name one referee who is worhy od the name!

  • Flint, Tomlin & Warnock should all get a 6 match ban (Like Forestieri).
    Flint admitted they practised CHEATING in training.
    Tomlin should have seen red for punching/attempting to punch Borner.
    And Warnock is a chest who will anything it takes, not to lose.

    Wednesday should be given all 3 points, but won’t be because nobody cares unless you are in the premier league.

  • As I stated, no one cared about Cardiff being cheated out of 3 points v Chelsea. Plus no one cared about a legit Cardiff goal being struck off v wba. Come on give a balanced perspective not a lopsided view.
    I wonder how many of you were saying the ref for the Cardiff v Fulham game at Cardiff last season should have been struck off when he did not send off your player for pulling down a Cardiff player when through on goal. Or, not sending of ream, and giving Cardiff a penalty when he handled in the box.
    Blinkered Cardiff haters. As I stated, learn the rules, the behind goal view proved he was not in line. The keeper should have concentrated on saving it rather than flint. He wouldn’t have got to it though. Plus what idiot said he ducked for it to go over his head? It was yards to his right. By ducking Tom him out of the game. Ie. Not interfering with play. Learn the rules as football is not all about London clubs and the premiership. Other clubs are in the league too.

  • Also calling for SW to be given 3 points does that mean we get automatic promotion because of the Chelsea result plus the result at your ground when we should have had 2 penalties in first 10 minutes for mitrovic hauling down Morrison. Plus that ref being kicked out of football as the second incident he had a clear view of but did not give it. I guess that doesn’t count though as you benefited from it, which makes that ok for you but this is now a major catastrophe. Your just Hypocritical clueless armchair football watchers who know nothing about football.

  • Paul you knob nobody is saying your argument isn’t valid as far as that incidence , we are debating this one so stop trying to belittle this incident it was a complete and utter disgrace unfair play by flint no matter which way you look at it and officiating that was farcicle this needs some action by the FA . Everyone I have spoken to no matter what team they support thinks that the ref must have been blind or bias .absolute disgace

    • Paul do you really believe the
      shit!!!! that you writing down or are you just winding people up , I hope for your sake it’s the latter cos no one can be that dim lol????

  • It happens in the premier league, I guess that’s ok in your eyes. As its Cardiff it’s not! Fantastic refereeing by spotting he was not blocking the keepers view. The wall was, as stated in one newspaper. In your silly debate his view was then blocked due to Tomlin putting curl on the ball. Well if it hadn’t curled it’s out for a goal kick. Spot on ref. No interference.
    I am not trying to belittle one incident as the standard of refs is the lowest I have ever seen. Cardiff did not deserve a point but not on the basis of having a fantastic free kick scrubbed off. Think about, Flint knows the rules and knows what Tomlin can do. Do you think he would have risked that by standing there when he knew if that ball touched him it would be riled out??
    My point is all decisions should be debated and not just this one. Ie. Mitrovic throwing Morrison to the floor and the ref who had an unobstructed view saying no penalty. I doubt you lot were screaming then! So unless you debate those blatant ones that go your way don’t scream about dubious ones because you hate the team . Its hypocritical to just debate what you want to while accepting the ones your team get away with.

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