Date: 5th June 2007 at 3:07pm
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Last week Mohammed Al Fayed declared, ‘I haven`t hesitated in making significant funds available to our new Manager, Lawrie Sanchez. I want him to invest on the pitch, and build a team that can take us to further heights.’ Well the Egyptian might not be regretting that statement but Sanchez certainly is.

Sanchez has seen his targets value rocket since Al Fayeds comment with an unproven, Championship player, Lee Cook, having his club, QPR declare his value at nothing less than £5,000,000 and Steven Davis of Aston Villa, who couldn’t even make it into the first team last season, also has a set value of £5,000,000. Even David Healy will fetch £1,000,000 for his league one club leeeds United when he is sold.

Of course there was always going to be inflated prices due to the massive increase in television revenue but £1,000,000 for a league one player whose club is hugely in debt is ridiculous and with the likes of this happening it makes you wonder how a club like Fulham survive.

Today Sanchez is quoted as saying; ‘Some prices quoted come on to our radar, while some are too much.’ This was inlight of Southamptons manager, George Burley snobishley claiming that Fulhams £2,500,000 for defender Chris Baird as ‘derisory and ridiculous.’ Now bear in mind Baird is a Championship defender and has only two years left in his contract.

I know it seems like I’m saying that Premiership clubs should be able to buy lower league players for knock off prices but I’m saying that Premiership clubs should not have to be ripped off themselves to buy their man.


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  • Sorry but Davis is certainley worth 5 mil min.And if yous think yous could get him for any less then yous need to wake up.Healy is one of the top scorers in the Euro qualifiers and was worh 3 mil in January.

  • So you think £5,000,000 is not a rip off for osmeone who couldn’t make the starting 11 in his own team? I’m not having it, £3,500,000 tops and as for Healy why pay £3,000,000 when his club are debt ridden and in my opinion very lucky to be getting £1,000,000.

  • £1mil for a League One player? He’s not in League One just yet is he. Your paying for the talent, not the stature of the club he’s at. If your going to annoucne you have cash to splash, prices will go up.

  • Hardly imressive transfers, not ones that will scare any teams in the premiership. Need to think bigger to mount some kind of challange, or even to stay in the premiership

  • Who knows what Sanchez is capable of? He got average players to an F.A. Cup semi final and he guided average players to the top of their qualifyng group.

  • Healy seems to be able to cut it in the green of Ireland but not the white of Leeds – anyway welcome tp the gang when it comes to being ripped off in the transfer market!

  • thnaks merlin – although it isn’t a nice feeling when you think you might get more than you actually do, if you get my drift!

  • Look I dont want to start mouthing off on another site,but if Fulham think 5mil for Davis is too much then bid for someone else.Just cause sanchez wants him that doesn’t mean were going to gift yous one of our best young players,I sincerley hope Villa dont squander a real talent for nothing.Davis won player of the year for us in 05-06.Also I think Sanchez played a bigger role in ”inflating” the price of NI players.Its clear that Sanchez wants Davis desperatley.The same applies to Healy and the rest of the NI players.5 mil for cook is outrageous though.O’Neill does not want to sell Davis.

  • Im sorry to keep banging on Ill leave yous alone after this.I hope Davis joins yez on loan,then we’ll see how much he’s worth at the end of next season.

  • £5,000,000 is outrageous for a player who can’t get in his own team. That means if ye still had Jay Lloyd Samuel he would be worth £10,000,000.

  • Back again sorry,O Neill does not want to sell Davis.Id say Davis is Sanchez’ no 1 target,when he was NI manager I think he made him captain,he loves Davis and would be more than willing to pay 5 mil for him.The only way O Neill will sell is if Davis asks for a transfer,I really hope he stays but he is exactly the player yous need.Yous will be after Aaron Hughes from us aswell I gaurentee.Yes I am from Dublin.

  • I could tell…

    Yes, I do think Sanchez is keen on Davis but not £5,000,000 keen as he has to strengthen alot of other areas in the squad.

  • Like I said I think the best move for all could be a season long loan.He’s a popular player with many Villa fans,and many have disliked the fact that he didn’t start that many games,so it would upset alot of fans that he’d be going regardless of the price.I think QPR put that huge price on Lee Cooks head because Villa were sniffing around him also,and I dont think they want to sell him either.If Al Fayeed has given a 10 mil budget thats a bit disgraceful considering how much has been brought in through sales.

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