Date: 6th October 2007 at 1:00pm
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Whilst Lawrie Sanchez comes across as a mild mannered, well spoken sort of chap, it appears he`s a little different behind the scenes.

Hughes, having only encountered the managerial skills of Sanchez at international level reveales that a softy-softly approach isn`t always the way for Sanchez.

Our recruit from Aston Villa, has taken time out to spill the beans about Lawrie remarking in a recent interview,

“Because we weren`t his players when he was Northern Ireland manager, he was probably less harsh on us and bit his tongue a few times.”

“Now he can express his opinion a little more and if he has to raise his voice he will.”

Give them hell Lawrie – we need the points!


6 Replies to “Sanchez Barks the Orders Out!”

  • “Give them hell Lawrie – we need the points!” – you sure do! and i hope you wont pick them up against us either!!!

  • i agree! We really dont need a manager like chrissy again as he was tooo much of a buddy with the lads, you need some strong authority!! Thats why he wears a suit! 😛 He said so on weakest link!

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