Date: 19th September 2018 at 5:20pm
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Speculation surrounding the purchasing of Wembley Stadium, by our owner, Shahid Khan, isn’t at the same level as it was previously.

Now, that’s not to say that our owner is any less interested in buying the hugely attractive stadium, we suspect that the ramifications such a deal would generate are still being discussed.

Opinions, in the different sectors of our sport, vary.

Some see it as the perfect move, enabling the money received to be spent on developing grassroots football.

Others see it as a betrayal of the taxpayer who provided a large amount of funds towards the stadium being completed.

But, as a Fulham fan, how do you feel about it?

Is it a deal that you agree with?

Is it a deal you think shouldn’t go through?

Is it a deal you feel might be detrimental to Fulham Football Club?

Or are you more concerned with the Khan family continuing, as they have been, to fund the evolution of our own club?

Here at Vital Fulham, we’d be interested to read your opinions in the comments facility beneath this article.



One Reply to “Revisiting A Familiar Subject But With A Different Slant”

  • I think that the Khans have backed Fulham in the transfer market in no uncertain terms this window and if they wish to buy Wembley stadium we should respect their wishes to invest their money where they choose.

    On a personal level I think it is sad that the FA wish to sell the national stadium but they are not exactly renowned for their business skills

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