Date: 28th September 2020 at 10:30am
Written by: Steven Haynes

It’s typical isn’t it.

You spend all summer complaining about the fact that we haven’t managed to sign a central defender, and just when you think the club might be listening and getting some business done, the carpet is pulled from under your feet as you realise we have to start back at square one.

According to a report from The Athletic this morning, Fulham £13m deal for Sassuolo central defender Marlon won’t be going through this window as he has failed a medical. Details haven’t yet emerged as to how the medical was failed, but it’s certainly something that will put a major spanner in the works when it comes to how we do our business this summer.

Hopefully we had a good plan B lined up.

Now I’m not too disheartened about this news, I said from the beginning that I wasn’t totally a fan of Marlon, on paper at least he wasn’t the kind of player I felt we should be going after. I am however more annoyed in what a failed deal like this represents.

How many CBs will we sign this window?

One or two

One or two

More than 2

More than 2

This is why we needed to get deals like this sorted out as soon as possible, just in case deals like this fell through and we’re left scrambling to try and find some form of alternative. Add to that this deal has taken until we are two games into the season, and about to play a third tonight against Aston Villa.

Instead we spent it bringing in players that add more flash to the team rather than substance and solid foundations. Hopefully I’m proved wrong and the new defender we get in, if we get him in, will be a major upgrade to help the team. But that just means the poor showings in the first two games would have still been for nothing because we should have got it done a lot sooner.

What about you? What do you make of this news regarding Marlon?


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