Date: 22nd September 2020 at 9:00am
Written by: Steven Haynes

You can call this a rant, you can call this a PSA (Public Service Announcement), you can call it the ramblings of a madman if you desire.

And if I’m being honest, I imagine more people will categorise it in the third category, but that’s OK.

But I think that Scott Parker is being thrown under the bus this season, and if we are to struggle this season and get relegated, the vast majority of the blame, in my mind at least, will not lie with him. That blame will fall at the feet of Tony Khan, who isn’t giving him the players needed to compete.

We’ve seen in the first two league games of the season, both against Arsenal with some of our play and Leeds United by scoring three times, that we have something to offer in terms of being competitive in this league going forward.

But at the back, you can more or less accuse Khan of a dereliction of duty and you wouldn’t be too far wrong in your assessment. Because that display was awful, best exemplified by their positioning for the fourth Leeds goal.

Will we stay up this season?





Parker is doing his best, but there’s only so much that he can do when he isn’t given the tools for the job at hand.

This season was always going to be tough, we know that playoff final winners tend not to do well when promoted, and with the quick turnaround this season, that difficulty factor got multiplied tenfold, another factor to throw in support of Parker in case the worst should happen.

And as I’ve said before, this is clearly going to be a long-term thing with Fulham, so even relegation this year wouldn’t be a total disaster, but it’s certainly something that could be avoided if the man in charge of transfers did his job properly rather than looking for the flashy signings in attack instead of building strong foundations for us.

What about you? Who are you blaming for our poor start to the season?


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  • Any clubs Director of football should be raised in the game, the best one we had was Alan Curbishley, who for political reasons was lost? Anyone outside of the UK game will not have the understanding or feel … you cannot serve an apprenticeship in this role? I first watched FFC when Chamberlain, Hill and Haynes played …. following that the teams in early 60’s were brilliant, with the likes of young Mullery, Keetch, Marsh and even Allen Clarke who went to Leeds!

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