Date: 10th September 2020 at 10:30am
Written by: Steven Haynes

If we want to make this deal, we have to make it now.

Or at the very least we need to hurry up with it, because it could be causing us problems.

According to Portuguese newspaper O Jogo (via Sport Witness), Fulham are still trying their best to low ball Benfica when it comes to midfielder Florentino Luis. The latest details say that the Portuguese side are still holding out for as much as €40m as a permanent transfer fee at the end of the campaign, on top of the €2m loan fee right now.

Meanwhile, Fulham have only gone so far as to offer €30m, but we are considering coming in with a third offer later on in the window.

How much will Fulham spend this summer?

Less than £50m

Less than £50m

More than £50m

More than £50m

I’ve said before that this is a smart way for Fulham to approach this deal, on a ‘try before you buy’ basis, however I do think that we are being played for fools here with how much this is being dragged out, and it could potentially be damaging how we conduct the rest of the window.

Whilst I applaud the club for sticking to their guns and obviously not giving up on this player who they clearly rate highly, I feel we might be getting a bit of tunnel vision over the transfer. And if it takes much longer, especially if we end up not getting him, then we could regret focusing all of our attention on him rather than looking elsewhere.

With the central defence issue still not sorted just as one example, I don’t want the club to miss out on a number of transfers just because we spent all of our time looking out for that one deal (which would be even worse if we ended up not even getting Luis in the end).

So if they want to make this move, they need to make it quickly. Not just because of what it can do to us off the pitch in the window, but with the season now just two days away, he’d need time to get used to the setup at the club, and that is really running out.


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