Date: 20th September 2011 at 4:49pm
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Mr Fear, who runs this network and who we all have to pay homage to, has come up with a piece that may get a discussion going.

See what you think but turn it around to our beloved club and not that crummy West Midlands lot when it comes to your way of thinking!

A lot of talk of the football bubble bursting, what do you think!?

We seem to be talking more and more about the frustration of fans, not just us Villa fans but fans in general… there are three clubs at the top, then there are the also rans! Great clubs with great traditions, not exactly low spenders but none of us can really compete.

You have to buy the league now, although I don`t and never would accuse Manchester United of doing that, as much as I`d like to. They stuck with their manager (who if legend is right, was only a game or two away from the sack) and did bring through a ‘freak` generation of fantastic youth players to supplement the quality.

I`ve been saying in the fourm for ages, I worry that the football bubble is about to burst.

Attendances appear to be dwindling, fans of different clubs are discontent on our forums, we saw Everton fans marching before their game v Villa due to the lack of investment in their team. We have fans of all sorts of Premiership clubs questioning their owners and/or the managers, some blaming the players for where they are in the league and others saying football is just too expensive.

Are those the problems? Well, some say that money in the game has ruined it. Lets be honest, the game has been transformed, in fact it actually has become trendy and more of a family experience as opposed to the old spit and sawdust days. Grounds have improved, tv coverage has increased massively, we`ve seen some of the World`s true superstars grace the fields but….. ?

Well, discontent seems to be massive and in our humble opinion at Vital Towers, if this isn`t arrested, the bubble will burst, we`ll become, if we aren`t already, the next La Liga or Serie A… It already looks like a 2-3 horse race and even clubs who were in touching distance and others who were winning things all of a sudden are simply also rans.

What we found fascinating at Vital, especially as we have got more involved with The Great Football Experiment, is that some of the fans of the ‘big` clubs are now also agreeing!

After the 8-2 between Man Utd and Arsenal (as predicted by Kev from Ivory FC…. Click Here) we saw these comments on our sites.

The one from an Arsenal fan stinging from being beaten in that manner having seen his team at the top of the tree (and many neutral fans seem to agree they have done it the ‘right` way ie not just thrown money at the game but have actually bought and sold wisely)

‘This is finally the consequences of the crazy money in the game. The biggest clubs can take whatever players they want and pay them obscene money, leaving the rest of us as ‘also rans’!!! We are now going the ranks of clubs who are not likely to win anything of substance again while the billionaire owner brigade run the show. It’s a sad day for football and for us Arsenal supporters, our season is over b4 it even began. I don’t even know where to begin in terms of our future I am so depressed.’

Right, so, an Arsenal fan saying that. So what you might ask? Of course they would be fed up.

But it was followed by a Manchester United fan:

Being a United fan, it was sad to see the demolishing of your club today. The 2 Manchester teams are now top, I have too agree with your fans stating that money has ruined the game, PL Will turn into La Liga, FIFA must intervene.

We at Vital Towers know many fans who have simply walked away from the game OR who are watching football at lower league / non league clubs or looking at grass roots and actually playing.

There are some massive historic clubs in the Premier League now who never had a God given right to win things BUT were always within a shout of winning. The Premier League when it first started and the First Division before it, you had at least 10 clubs who could be in with a shout of winning the title. You now have three and probably realistically two.

How has this tide turn changed your opinion of football? The authorities watch our network with interest, so tell them… it might not make a difference but at least you`ll feel better!

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  • i don’t understand how anyone can lament money turning this league into a 2 horse race… there is a large amount of money at Chelsea, yet everyone has discounted them for this year… while i don’t think the common belief is that big money turned manchester united into the force it is right now. they got smalling for around 10 mil pounds from us, hardly a big market splash… then there is the Venke’s at Blackburn, who should be big money, right? but they weren’t turned into a title contender overnight… i think it’s just a knee jerk reaction to man city doing so well considering how they got there, but isn’t that the story of chelsea from about 5 years ago? look at them now… an “also-ran” by all acounts… or those opinions expressed in the article…

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