Date: 13th June 2008 at 8:42am
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After Roy Hodgson issued a statement, earlier this week, informing the lurking vultures that he intended to build his Fulham team around Jimmy Bullard, it seems someone wasn`t listening.

Today, it is being reported that Middlesbrough, courtesy of Gareth Southgate, are preparing an offer for the services of Jimmy and will try to entice us by offering Gary O`Neil in a player exchange deal.

Apparently, O`Neil has had trouble settling in the north after leaving Portsmouth for Middlesbrough. Now you may be an okay kind of player Mr O`Neil but you ain`t a patch on our Jimmy.

So, Mr Southgate – go forth and multiply, we ain`t interested, right!


12 Replies to “Oi! Hands off Southgate!”

  • Tell you what, give us Boateng and O’neil for free now and we might get back to you! Let’s see if he falls for that! lol

  • You’ll do well to keep hold of him. He virtually, single handedly saved you from the drop last year. I’ve heard strong rumours that Villa are interested and they’ll be armed with a substantial sum of money from the sale of Barry so I think there’s every chance you’ll lose him, I’m sorry to say.

  • he won’t leave now he’s not that sort of player he still feels he owes after being injured for so long. If we could sign o’niel anyway i wouldn’t complain

  • HA! No chance Jimmy will go…he’s said himself he’s staying put. And is Southgate having a bubble…he has to do a hell of a lot better than offer O’Neil. Talk about cheeky…

  • why on earth would Bullard leave Fulham for Boro? Why on earth would anyone want to move to that hellish part of the world?

  • Any of this speculation regarding Bullard is a load of Bull! He has stated he will stay, Roy has stated he wants to build the team around him.

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