Date: 23rd June 2013 at 12:20pm
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Aston Villa have a big decision to make!

With Darren Bent now being second choice, behind Christian Benteke, do they sell him or not?

The papers are reporting that whilst Villa want a return on their outlay, of £18 million, offers coming in for the striker are not matching their reported price-tag of £8 million.

In fact, if the Sunday tabloid press are to be believed then several clubs are willing, including Fulham, Newcastle and Hull, to cough up £5 million for his services, but no more.

Will Aston Villa relent?

Only time will tell!


4 Replies to “No More Than £5 Million”

  • The Villa board will have no choice as Lambert won’t select him. Regardless of what a player is earning, (a lot in Bent’s case) it’s too much if they never play.
    However, not working in our favour would be Newcastle’s contract offer to Bent. They more than lilely offer more money.

  • Why would we sell an international who is a proven 15 goal a season striker for 5 million? Even 8 Million in this market is a steal… I would love to know of any other striker with Bent’s record being sold for 5 million!

  • NO idea why anyone thinks we’d sell for £5m. He’s a quality striker, in the right team set up he scores. Simple as that.

  • Said they wouldn’t get more than £5-6 million for him, his row with Lambert has made sure of that, all the clubs know that Villa want him gone.

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