Date: 25th June 2009 at 5:11pm
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Today, I focus my ‘hero worship’ on Gus Uhlenbeek.

Always willing to run down the wing with his pace, he was certainly one of the most entertaining players I have ever seen at the club.

Sure, he may not have been at the club for a lengthy period of time but whilst he was there, it is fair to say he caught the attention of the fans and he did give us a real outlet with his pace and venture down the right side.

You’ve got to say, when your two full backs were Gus and Rufus Brevett, it’s fair to say the team will attack!

I also once got Gus’ autograph but unfortunately the rain washed it out…


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  • gotta say he wasn’t a particluar favourite of mine but each to their own as they say!

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