Date: 25th June 2007 at 5:13pm
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It`s being reported in the Evening Standard tonight that Fulham`s attempt to sign the Spurs forward Mido has collapsed.

After it looked as if a deal was on the cards a hitch over his wage demands appears to have scuppered any chance of a deal being struck.

The paper is reporting that Fulham had agreed to pay in the region of £3.7 million for Mido but were unwilling to offer the Egyptian the £25,000 a week he was after.

The collapse of the deal will see Fulham switch to another target and Mido will return to Spurs` showroom!


16 Replies to “Mido Deal Collapses!”

  • Can’t you boys do anything right! just give him the money he wants and we’ll have done with him.

  • He only asked for high wage demands to save face – otherwise he would have needed to do a medical 🙂

  • Not crossing London then high wages reason then maybe he’ll go to Manchester City in the summer if there takeover is successful.

  • 25 thousand is nothing these days i would have thought. Putney barra says we have enquired about Didier Digard.

  • Since you got shot of sidyid as your editor this place actually looks like a fan’s site. Well done. I don’t think Mido is worth £25 pwk either. He needs to get into a Prem club for very little and prove his worth, then renegotiate…. like Berbatov did.

  • £25,000 would never be enough for him. His pie and kebab bill is much more than that per week. Fat useless idiot!

  • He’s rubbish…we’ll never get rid of him.Other clubs have got wise…we might have to give him away.

  • We ought to be looking at possible part exchange deals involving him, that might be the only way we can get rid. The trouble is that a succession of big clubs have had a go with him and made him believe he is a top player. Of course he is not worth £25K/week and credit to Fulham in avoiding getting ripped off.

  • mido is amazing! get him in ! 30 goals a season!! but they would all be own goals hahaha COYS !!

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