Date: 30th July 2008 at 11:38am
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After splashing out £13 million for Andy Johnson, could the coffers be about to be emptied further?

Boca03 has stumbled across this little gem!

In July of 2008 Mario Gomez stated he would love to play in the English Premier League one day, with London club, Fulham, his likely destination after they declared their interest in the 23 year old.

A bid of around 18 million euros (£15 million) is said to be enough to secure the German strikers services.

Anyone tempted?

(contribution by Boca03)


11 Replies to “Mario Gomez to Fulham?”

  • I’m trying not to get carried away by this, but I would wet myself if he signed for us. He’s supposed to be one of the best talents in the European leagues and with him, AJ and BZ upfront, I would be a very happy man!!!!!

    Maybe the AJ deal has falled through so they’re looking at other options? I hope not as I’d love to see us with 3 brilliant strikers next year.

    This would surely mean the end for Kamara, John and either Nevland or EJ.

  • there is no actual quotes from anyone i want this to be true… but it will just be tabloids trying to think up new stories… and this did officially come from the sun!! But sometimes dreams do come true!! (Sorry i had an urge for cheese)

  • Whoa. This would be a coup. I read that Bayern were after him. If Fulham get him before Bayern, wow! Good for you.

  • well i thought it would be useful to puton the site just to see what happens hopefully we can get someone of this or even his calibar

  • Well in two ways i can see where the money is coming from. AF has just won a case to own 9% of a oil company which is on one of his many areas of land. He is now being paid what they owe him and he will get quite a bit from that little land, which is making a lot of money. Also the money AF saved from us staying up last season, so im guessing he doesnt mind spending a bit to save a lot.

  • Would be a great signing obviously! Aparently he was at MP today before flying back to Germany to take part in the game against Arsenal. Johnson will be annonced 2moz.

  • yeah andrew johsnon what a sighing cant wait to see him against tornio tmz hopefulyl we win after all itd s after the cottage

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