Date: 6th April 2009 at 4:38pm
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Yes, I sit in the Riverside Stand. For some, that may be a shameful admission but the full, sideways view of the pitch is certainly a bonus!

This is how I saw the game from my supposedly posh seat…….

Saturday’s game was a mixed bag really. Mark Schwarzer continued to prove what a top class keeper he is (surely the Premier League signing of the season) whilst he was ably assisted by the defence which again put in a cracking performance with John Pantsil showing more enthusiasm, endeavour and skill every week.

It seems that yet again our offensive play has let us down again. I would like to say that it is great to see the team passing the ball around which is great to watch but the attacking aspect of the team just seems inconsistent.

For example, crushing West Brom at home to then struggling to muster a chance against Hull the following week. Saturday was frustrating in that sense but surely we’d take various 1-0 wins over high scoring, yet frequent defeats in the latter Coleman and Sanchez years?


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  • I am too a shameful sitter of the Riverside stand. Not out of choice though! Wouldn’t call it posh! 😀 Good article…well done Alex!!

  • much happier now than with coleman or sanchez at the helm. roy’s a top class manager.

  • I do too Al Billy, but often that is only the riverside that can offer a few seats in a row…

  • Why don’t you just sit in the JH stand? At least there is some atmosphere in the JH stand. Sat once in the riverside and never again will I sit in that stand again.

  • I usually go with family/friends….and I only have a club card. So, usually the Riverside is my only option. Both the Hammersmith and JH are much better. When I can, I go there…

  • I used to sit in the JH when it was SR stand. The poles are a slight problem though but the days when you could just walk into the bottom part of the stand when it was standing were just great.

  • Poles are a problem in Riverside too! I had a seat which wasn’t restricted view, and yet couldn’t see basically one side of the pitch!!

  • In Block S I have a perfect view apart from when it goes into the far right sided area and my whole row has to move forward to see.

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