Date: 29th January 2008 at 4:30pm
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Yesterday, we absolutely promised we`d not mention Marlon King again, well, we lied!

Our intentions were honourable but we just couldn`t resist one last dig, stick with us and you`ll soon realise why!

It appears that Marlon was, on being approached by Wigan, sold on the move after being picked up at the train station by the Wigan manager, Steve Bruce.

During the drive to the JJB Stadium (or wherever they were heading), it would seem that Bruce`s pearls of wisdom convinced Marlon that Wigan was the place to be, well that`s the story Marlon has come out with, however, we have our own version of just how the conversation might have gone, read on,

Bruce – Hi Marlon, great to see you.

Marlon – And you to Steve.

Bruce– So Wigan, what can I tell you about it? It`s a thriving hub of industry famous for its Rugby League teams, but you`ll be on £40,000 a week!

Marlon – Sounds great!

Bruce – We`ve got a fantastic new ground and an enthusiastic chairman and you`ll be on £40,000 a week!

Marlon – Sound great!

Bruce – You`ll get to play a lot of games as Emile Heskey is always injured.

Marlon – Sounds good!

Bruce – The meat pies are fantastic, they`ve been voted best in the Premier League and you`ll be on £40,000 a week.

Marlon – Sounds great!

Bruce – The nightlife is good, the area is buzzing with the sounds of Northern Soul and you can even take a trip to the famous Wigan Pier, plus you`ll be on £40,000 a week.

Marlon – Sounds great, you`ve convinced me, where do I sign?


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