Date: 10th October 2018 at 5:02pm
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I still cannot believe that the Football Association are even contemplating selling Wembley Stadium.

The fact that the offer for the ground has come from our owner, Shahid Khan, makes things a little awkward to say the least.

My biggest bug-bear, relating to the deal, is that once again, the tax-payer will have seen his hard-earned cash help build the stadium but will then get nothing in return if Shahid Khan’s bid is successful.

The possible sale of the ground moves a step nearer this Thursday when the 127-member body meets to hear a presentation from Football Association executives relating to why they are giving their backing to the sale.

However, justice, in my opinion, could be seen to be done, according to the BBC, with a senior FA source telling our referenced source that he believes the odds are narrowly against the purchase being approved.

Let’s hope he’s right.