Date: 7th January 2009 at 4:41pm
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There`s no pleasing some people is there?

Images of flaxen haired wenches greeted us when those likeable country bumpkins realised they`d drawn a Premier League club (us) at home in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

The tie will naturally mean that ‘The Poppies` will have a full house at their Rockingham Road ground. Indeed, if you listen to the barn-dwellers they`re convinced they`re already through to round five, such is the poorness of our away form.

So what grating their maypoles today?

Well, apparently they`re more than a little miffed that television has ignored the tie thereby meaning that they`ll not receive additional revenue other than the receipts from a full house.

Sit down that man at the back there who was about to suggest there`s already too many farming community programmes on our screens!


12 Replies to “Kettering Have Got the Right Old Hump!”

  • And they bloody well should be, did you even support Fulham back in the days. Imagine being in their shoes and seeing a tie against a Premier League side being drawn out of a hat, to which £160,000 goes very far for a club of their stature, and have the likes of Tottenham and Arsenal take all the lime light. I truly feel for Kettering and wish I could give those bloody producers a piece of my mind or even fist to their arrogance to put Tottenham on TV which would be their 6th game in a row on the television. An absolute disgrace.

  • Case of based this as Kettering deserve their spot in the limelight. Really not a good show this by the schedulers.

  • Maybe its because I’m from the US, but I watched Derby and Forest Green play at New Lawn Stadium in the third round this past weekend, and i really enjoyed seeing them play in front of 1200 (i think) with farming silos off in the distance. I personally would like to see that a little more often.

  • Fair enough for them to be a little peeved but I don’t think they can really be expecting to push around the big exec’s at the BBC or Sky. To be honest, Fulham aren’t a Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool etc and I can’t say I’m that surprised that we haven’t made it onto the TV schedule again

  • This is more a conspiracy against Fulham than it is Kettering! Fed up of Fulham never getting any airtime on tv. After the last round in the cup I picked up a newspaper the following day to read their report on the game. Guess which one was the only tie they didn’t run a report of for the entire cup round of games? Correct, Fulham v Wednesday. Bloody annoying. Anyway, looking forward to Kettering, although I hope they don’t do a ‘Forest Green’ on us!

  • What are the serious?! “Oh boo whoo, we are a non league side that are recieving £160,000 and playing a premier league side in the 5th round of the FA cup but aren’t on the TV” ohh poor them, get over it!

  • I genuinely believe if it had been any other team in the league with the exception of Stoke , actually no just us this game would have been on TV!

  • The media don’t like Fulham we know but not showing this is just because they cannot see an upset. ITV (who should have been banned from showing football back in 2002) and Setanta have really ****ed up here. As for Kettering saying they don’t want the £160,000 and offering to change the time and day of the game to get coverage for Palestine, then was when they lost my support as I remember what it was like being a Fulham fan in the old 3rd division.

    So, now I am grateful I will be in Paris with friends that weekend. French TV might understand romance and it might be on live there, because ITV and Setanta seem to have forggoten why they purchased the rights. Kettering don’t want or need the money and would prefer to promote one side in a war and Fulham have been strangely quiet.

    As for the article. It was a wind up, but Kettering fans don’t deserve treatment like that. It was pointless.

  • And also it doesn’t matter that it’s on itv and setanta, bbc hate us aswell MOTD always has fulham last even if we won 389-0 we would be last

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