Date: 8th August 2008 at 1:24pm
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Sitting watching the press conference, it was interesting that Andrew Johnson displayed an air of diplomacy when asked about his Everton departure.

With rumours rife that Moyes and Johnson didn`t get on I guess the assembled media were simply probing in the event of getting a juicy reply.

So, the genuine lack of an answer, whilst admirable, may well give the tabloid journalists ample opportunity to speculate further.



5 Replies to “Johnson Won`t Comment on Everton Departure!”

  • AJ was Moyes darling, there was never any doubt about them getting on, apparently it all began when AJ opted not to play against Preston during this pre-season, leaving the stadium in a taxi, which left Moyes high and dry. It was his decision to leave as far as i know. good luck to him!

  • He had come out and said he wants to play for us! which is nice. Must see we are heading places

  • he’s a London lad that’s all I know – I’ll try and trace which part of our city he heralds from!

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