Date: 3rd February 2009 at 5:49pm
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I`ve just heard on Sky Sports News that rumours are circulating that Jimmy Bullard has, once again, suffered a serious knee ligament injury.

Now we`ve all had our say since he chose to leave us and go to Hull City. Words have been exchanged, some not very pleasant.

But, if the rumours turn out to be true then I doubt anyone on this site would wish Jimmy to go through the heartache and pain he suffered during those awful sixteen months he was out injured whilst a Fulham player.

So please join me in crossing your fingers and hoping that Jimmy has nothing more than a minor injury as opposed to an injury that could seriously disrupt his career!


25 Replies to “Jimmy – Please Don`t Let it Be True!”

  • I’m sorry putney, but i would see it as a ‘taste of his own medicine’. But, i would not want him to go through the heartache again. I wish him well….but i hope he plays s***e!!

  • well, I very much hope he hasn’t had a recurrence or another knee injury, that would be awful for him. However the sympathy of Fulham fans won’t be as great as you’d have expected after some of the comments he’s made. I thought Jimmy had a groin injury and that was why he was not in training?

  • Hull chairman is suggesting that it’s a 10 – 14 day setback; nothing more. Hope its not serious and while I certainly don’t wish him ill, I wouldn’t mind NOT seeing him in the lineup for our match on March 4.

  • I know you were all glad to see him go but he did well for you and probably does not really deserve a serious injury – unlike Defoe at Spuds.

  • yes dave… “that” guy really does after the way he treated us! at least jimmy played his heart out in games – defoe just sat there, and winged when he took the worst penalty I have ever seen! (as bad as Kanus attempts!)

  • OR, did bullard ever publicly say he didn’t care about portsmouth ever – he only joined us becuase he wanted to be with harry? did he stop bothering to play when Fulham said they wouldn;t meet his wage demands? sorry.. I think i’m going off topic here. just pretend I havn;t said anything…

  • i think that’s what hurt the most about jimmy leaving… we all wanted him to stay because he played his socks off every game… he would have been great to hold onto… but he decided that hull had greater ambition and fulham insulted him by not talking contract extension with 18 months left on the contract… but i’d rather see him involved in the game of football that laid up for 18 months again…

  • Sorry but its still up in the air as to whether or not Jimmy did decide to stop playing or if he really was out with dead leg then flu then groin, etc. As far as im concerned he was a legend in the great escape but a shadow of his former self this season. Any player who thinks hes bigger than the club hes representing is simply there for the wages and refusing to play or forcing a transfer with 18months left says it all. In all honesty i couldnt care if hes back tomorrow or back in 18 months time. I as a die-hard fan of FFC, who spends good money to see and represent my club want no more affiliation with him. As Al said – Jimmy who? Dont really think he cares either seeing as he got the 4 and a half year deal he was after…

  • Suked in When u think about it if he was still at Fulham he wouldnt of gt injured during tranin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would have thought that concern on the Fulham site about an injury to an ex player is odd to say the least, but commendable all the same.

  • yes all billy im back with a vengence i read yesterday bullard said i nearly went on strike im like do i give a crap were good team anyway

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