Date: 27th December 2008 at 4:29am
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It`s that time of the year when our season is at its ‘make or break’ for clubs of our size. Can we hold onto our top players whilst bringing in more depth and quality?

With the press working overtime it`s no surprised that both Brede and Jimmy have been linked with moves away from the Cottage. Brede has been in superb form whereas Jimmy has always been the medias darling.

With the recent news of Brede promising to stay ‘for many years’, it just leaves us with the tale of Jimmy.

Ever since his first game for us Bullard`s been a firm fan favourite. However in my opinion has also been over rated by fan, media and pundits. Don’t get me wrong! I love the guy, and he is one of our better players, but not irreplaceable.

Today I found out through one of my sources (yes I know!) that he is certain to be going to none other than Spurs! However this isn’t such bad news. The deal will include £1.5million and Jamie O’Hara (remember him?) coming our way.

Now, in my humble opinion I think this is a fantastic deal for us! We get money in the kitty and replace a 30 year old with a 22 year old who I rate very highly and if not already has the potential to be better than JB.

What do you guys think?


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  • Sorry I have not been on very much, been very busy with uni and work! Also still trying to settle in London. I hope to be contributing much more in the New year! Oh, I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year!

  • Now, everyone knows Bullard is replaceable but it’s not just his performances that are what we need. Johnson is a great player just to have on the field. He gee’s up the crowd and really get’s the rest of the team playing at their best.
    Every player is replaceable but you don’t want to mess with what is already a solid looking team.

  • I think you are bloody mad. O’Hara is nothing special. Spurs fans only like him because he came through their youth set up. If Bullard goes, I think we need the man who pulled the strings against Man Utd int he World Club cup final, a certain Daimian Manzo. He had Man U frightened and almost beat Van de Sar from 30 yards.

  • “one of my sources”

    Unless you tell us what that is, I will not believe you. It’s likely that it’s some random foreign tabloid that no one has heard of. I want some proof!

  • Thanks Putney. My source is from the Tiff board . Couple guys were told by someone in the spurs coaching staff.

  • don’t believe those lying scumbags do you? This is the same lot who told people Spurs were a top four club 🙂

  • The only people claiming Spurs were a top four club this season were bored idiot writers for the rag tops,and the only gullible fools to believe it were,well delusional idiots.Anybody with any knowledge of football or anything to do with Spurs football club would have stated differently,especially after losing the strikers we did,and again not buying cover for King and a decent DM!

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