Date: 7th June 2009 at 8:18pm
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According to todays press our selves and Tottenham are in the race to sign Ruud van Nistelrooy, The report suggests Real Madrid are ready to let the Dutch hitman go for just £1.25million.

Van Nistelrooy, 32, has been out with a serious knee injury since November but expects to be fit by the start of next season.

With only a year left on his Real deal, Van Nistelrooy is available for a cut-price fee howevervhe would still expect a wage of £70,000-a-week.

Now this would be my dream signing (except maybe van der sar returniong, Van der Vaart, Sneijder, Robben or Engelaar signing)however his wage will be a huge problem.


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  • I don’t know what the implications of his most recent injury might be (torn meniscus), but if he’s fit for the season starting, there’s no reason to think he won’t be a HUGE asset to any Premiership side. Although I can’t imaging Al Fayed stumping up £70k a week on his wages and I should think there will be clubs who will be happy to.

  • Yes he’d be a fantastic signing but:
    – AJ would have to go to accomodate his wages.
    – At 32, he would be a two season long signing.

  • In my opinion, Ruud is still the best pure center forward in the world. Profoundly lazy, but you won’t find a better finisher. Don’t remember the injury being so severe that they’d just give him away for £1.25m.

  • “no contest.” I agree. Why would he want to be a self-loathing Spur? Besides, you guys are only interested in over spending for marginal talent and then complaining incessantly about it. Speaking of which, has ‘Arry signed Downing yet?

  • It really would be no contest Sambo. Wether you like it or not Spurs are for more likely to stump up an attractive wage offer than you guys. That said I doubt he’ll sign for either. I’d expect him to retire at RM or go back to holland.

  • Totally, if I were Ruud, I would choose Fulham in a hearbeat! Why on EARTH would he join Spuds? To fight relegation??

  • All the Fulham suggestions on this page are only an xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Large shista they get one decent season with a manager who has been kicked out of most jobs he has held in football and they believe they are a premiership side , lets see how you maintain your premiership position next season because your chairman will not spend the money , and as a big club Rudd will follow the big money and that is what Spurs can give him .

  • Think Spurs have the upper hand in being a far more prestigious club but don’t count Fulham out of it, after all, you guys can offer him something we can’t, European competition 😛

  • JT daniel please tell me your joking! Fulham MASSIVELY overachieved last season as Spurs MASSIVELY underachieved. There’s no contest in terms of club size, prestige, honours, money etc as Spurs smash Fulham out the park in every category. I’m not a typical self-indulging Spurs fan but it annoys me to see mugs like you jumped up since you got in Europe (and only because of the rule change 2 years ago no longer allowing runners-up in cups to take the vacant UEFA spot and instead offering it to 7th place). You have a decent little side there at Fulham but you are dreaming if you honestly think it will continue through to next season. Good luck to you in all fairness as I have no grudges against Fulham and actually quite like you guys (a lot more than Chelsea) but don’t dare take bites of an Elephant because after all, by comparisson, you are just a mosquitto

  • The question is money or European football. If I was a self repecting professional I would want European Football, but something tells me Spurs will be paying his vastly inflated wage and thats great because to find a respected professional in this top-flight football would be a miracle. I think the last ones I saw were Steve Hayward, Simon Morgan and Richard Carpenter.

    As for Spurs fans finding this page and having a go, why? We did nothing to you. You didnt even overtake us at any point last season. We don’t go singing about those facts though. Go find someone interested in your over-inflated ego. London’s oldest club and its fans don’t care about you. Your not famous anymore.

  • No argument that Fulham overachieved, but the “underachieving” moniker for Spurs is getting a little thin, don’t you think. Other than the 2 years Jol got you into 5th and Gerry Francis’ 7th place finish in 94/95, you guys have bounced between 8th and 14th since the inception of the Premier League. That’s generally referred to as mid-table. You’ve performed better than most teams over the years, but at some point, you are what you are, right? I’d love to see anybody break up the ‘big four’ and you guys are certainly in better position than us or most other clubs to accomplish that, but you set yourselves back by axing Jol. I’d love for Fulham to stay in the top half for the long run, but I have to be realistic, too. Most years I’m happy to avoid a relegation battle.

  • ExiL, mate, what exactly have you underachieved? Your team was tipped to fight for felegation and you did not disappoint! And Spuds are an Elephant now? Funny, I thought they were the swine of England..

  • Samboney, dont be fooled by them spuds. They are glad to escape relegation, year after year too.. But the way they speak of in the summer break! Makes you think they will conquer all there is to conquer next season..

  • I’d rather not have an Anelka type moaner like Nistleroy in my side. Fulham’s team spirit was evident last year and was a huge asset for us. Ruud has a reputaton as being a difficult bloke who winds people up. Spurs can have him!

  • cut and dry i think his wages are too big for our squad… we let jimmy go, at the time he was a club favorite, because he was injured and had the potential to get injured in the future, and because he wanted, what? 50k a week? granted you can’t laterally compare these two players, but it really doesn’t seem like ruud going to be donning the fulham white and black next season… as much as i’d enjoy it when ruud was banging in the goals… the question to ponder is, if ruud gets brought into spurs, can he ultimately push ‘arry out the door if things don’t work out, or would they push a legend out the door instead?

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