Date: 28th April 2019 at 10:23am
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Three wins in the last three games and with what was perceived to be a dodgy defence keeping three consecutive clean-sheets leaves us Fulham fans pondering over what might have been.

With the club already relegated, perhaps the biggest question that immediately springs to mind is whether our fate would have been any different if those who run our club had given the job to Scott Parker instead of Claudio Ranieri.

But we can ponder all we like, our fate is sealed, and we can’t do anything to change it, al we can do is look forward to the future and yet another rebuilding of Fulham Football Club.

After guiding Fulham to three consecutive wins, the latest of which was against Cardiff City, Scott, as reported by the BBC, had this to say:

“Ryan Babel’s goal was special. He has come up with a fantastic strike and won us the game.

“Also it was a massive positive for goalkeeper Sergio Rico, he stood up and so did the back four.

“It has been a tough year, we have conceded a lot of goals but three clean sheets is massive.”

It has been a tough year, a year we didn’t expect to witness or indeed deserve to witness after the joyous scenes of Wembley last May but brighter times lay ahead, we hope.

Personally, I’d like to see the club take positive action and appoint Scott as our manager for next season now give the former midfielder some cash to spend (wisely) and see if the answer, as we suspect, lies in our own ranks and always has done.

But are they thoughts you concur with?

Please feel free to air your views in the comment facility beneath this article.

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5 Replies to “I Say Appoint Scott Parker As The Fulham Manager Now, How About You?”

  • I fully agree to appoint Scot Parker as permanent manager he has all the ingedients for a very succesfull manager.He was himself a very good player and has the quality of a born leader.When he was appoint assistant manager under Slavisa Jokanovic I thought lt was a clever move and he would be the logical successor?He knows Fulham in and out and he will make Fulham a stable club again.Witk kind regards,Lou Koopman.

  • I totally agree with this article. One thing in especial is that he says to give Scott Parker some money to spend on players. How true. Scott understands players and the off-the-pitch contributions they can make. I t5hink few of us would argue for the retention of a recruitment policy based purely on statistics. ‘There are liars, damn’ liars and statistics!’ Even if a player’s stats are ok, these are no reflection on whether the player is a positive or negative influence off the pitch or whether he has the mental strength to deal with the pressure in all its forms.

  • I would prefer to see Scott Parker appointed assistant manager, it seems to me that one has only to look at Manchester United to see the possible problems when responding too quickly when not enough matches have been played under his guidance.
    It seems to me that we need an experienced manager with Scott as his assistant

  • I’m a wolves supporter and it’s fare to say Wolves and Fulham best footballing sides in the championship.Fulham brought in to many players and never really jelled as a team.Wolves did buy players but squad mainly all the same players with a few tweaks.This kept team spirit and momentum .Exceeded above expectations but looking at what Scot as done with Fulham think he deserves a chance.Anyway good luck in the division from hell.Fulham a nice away day see you back soon

  • I agree with this article, he knows the club and the fans. You know how to play in the Championship, you have the support of the players and the fans and it has been proving that you can get the job. I believe that if we keep him and the base of the team and giving the players that he needs, we will take a big step back to the Premier League.
    I hope he gets nominated as soon as possible.
    Come on Fulham !!!

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