Date: 4th August 2007 at 4:24pm
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After being linked to Sami Hyypia earlier in the summer but without a move materialising, things could be about to change.

The press are today reporting that the Finnish international could be on the verge of leaving Liverpool due to a lack of first team opportunities.

The thirty-three year old is reportedly seen by Sanchez as a key part of his plans for next season.

Whether Hyypia can be enticed to Craven Cottage remains another question as it`s also being reported that West Ham, Wigan and Newcastle are also monitoring developments.


36 Replies to “Hyypia the next Target?”

  • so you actually go to other clubs sites to obsess about us Merlin? Wowzers. Seriously though, why would Sami leave and why would we sell him?

  • If we sell him we won’t have a good backup at CB. Either there is a new CB coming to Liverpool or we won’t sell him.

  • boring boring, petty london squabbles, go for it cottages, could give you a good season or two, he’s not spanish enough for liverpool.

  • And he’s too good for Wigan and Fulham. If he does move, it’ll be to someone like West Ham. Tonytime, we have 5 Spaniards: Benitez, Reina, Arbeloa, Alonso, Torres. We have more British or ‘nearly-British’ players: Carson, Carra, Gerrard, Crouch, Pennant, Finnan (Irish) and Kewell has spent his whole career playing in England.

  • ok 5 english players, 4 spanish, plus a spanish manager, one irish 0ne aussie, apologies, oh er, squad of 32, 15% english 15% spanish, where did it all go wrong Aamir. Chelsea are more British than Liverpool these days.

  • …Ayesteran, Valero, Vales, Salinas, Gomez, Roque, Duran and we’ve seen Garcia, Nunez, Morientes, Josemi, Barragan leave. Gonzalez, Benayoun and Aurelio all played in Spain. Pretty please Aamir, stop making a muppet of yourself. We have a Spanish manager, he likes Spanish players. Wenger likes Frenchmen, Mourinho likes Portuguese. I dont give two flying *****s what nationality a player is, its not our responsibility to provide players for England its our responsibility to buy the best players. Alonso for £10 million or Hargreaves for £17 million?

  • i agree with nozzyo, managers do what they think best for the club, of course their nationality does have a bearing on their thinkng. i would love a flying *****, couldnt afford to give two away cos ive never had even one, but we can all dream.

  • Nozzy, I love the squad we have right now. We have one of the best in Europe. I’m just explaining to Tonytime that just because we have a load of Spanish players, it doesn’t mean every player must have a ‘Spanishness’ about them as was suggested.

  • Appparently Hyypia is best buddies with Niemi and thats why he wouldn’t mind coming to Fulham!

  • paella and chips ( sorry patatas fritas) please, with tapas on the sidet, two san miguels, and gaspacho to start, por favor, gracias.

  • They are both Finnish. But I think with the options he has available, Fulham would be a step down. He can stay with us, go to West Ham, Newcastle or a good foreign team.

  • Tonytime, the only bits I understood were and, chips, sorry, with, on, the, two, and, to, start, gracias.

  • lots of spanish tavernas in london, fulham or west ham would be a good call, or over to spain, cant see it happening in newcastle though, unless he wants to sample a bit of english.

  • No not every player has to be Spanish, but we have a very Spanish feel to the side and there’s no point anyone denying that. And thats no bad thing. The England national side has a history of terribly boring football and awful managers, why should we want to respresent that?

  • i agree again nozzyo, liverpool have a great tradition of football, and lately england have not, viva liverpool, viva espania , merseyside seperatist right on, kirkby del sol et la future, bueno.

  • Talk in F***** Englaish, Tonytime!!! As I said Nozzy, I love the squad we have. I’m just sick of people taking mick out of us because we have a Spanish feel. And by the way, I love the England National team almost as much as I love Liverpool.

  • Aamir, im representing your club, its 15% English, im glad you love the England team, I do, and I look forward to the time when Liverpool as in the past will supply a lot of players to it. Right now you have only a squad of 5 for McClaren to chose from. e all loove our clubs but come on, sometimes things go a bit too far, and Liverpool is just too Spanish right now.

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