Date: 10th July 2008 at 6:59pm
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Good to see Mr Al Fayed sticking to his guns!

Why should we settle for a fee of £1.5 million for Lee Cook when we paid £2 million?

After all, how many months ago was it that Queens Park Rangers were boasting they were the richest cub in the world after that buy-out?

Exactly, if they want Cook back then make them cough up exactly what we paid for him!

Enough said!


7 Replies to “Good On You Mr Al Fayed!”

  • We paid 2.5million didn’t we? I think Cook can fill that troubled left winger space quite well for us.

  • Why not give Cook a try? Unless RH has seen him in training and thinks he’s another Eddie Johnson… if that is the case can I suggest another poll? How many of S*****z’s signings were any good? I’m struggling to think of any of the people that the idiot brought in as being decent premiership class. Maybe Hughes and PK? Kamara, Davis, Seol, Cook (if its true he’s no good), Healy, Baird, Stefanvoic have proved they’re not up to it. Is there any other premiership manager that has wasted as much money as the idiot?

  • hey eddie johnson is good even though he did not pla y that much he still looked good and he will do well next season hes really fast and hopefully he got a good shot

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